OptiXstar B610

OptiXstar B610

Intelligent Security Gateway ONU

The Huawei OptiXstar B610 is an optical network unit (ONU) designed for enterprise campus and video backhaul scenarios. It provides four GE ports to provide users with premium voice, data, and HD video services. The device supports a wide temperature range of –40°C to +60°C, meeting requirements in different scenarios.

Flexible uplink:

  • GPON/EPON auto-sensing
  • Easy installation:

  • Compact design, plug-and-play, and easy to install
  • Can be installed in an indoor or outdoor network box, or placed horizontally on a desktop or mounted on a wall
  • Rich security features:

  • Chip-level secure boot, ensuring the integrity and security of system software
  • 02.1x and IPv6/IPv4 firewall, ensuring device access security and network security
  • High reliability:

  • -40°C to +60°C temperature, 5% to 95% humidity, IP20 protection level, and strong environment adaptability
  • High-standard surge protection, minimizing the possibility of lightning damages and supporting Type B dual-homing service protection