OptiXstar B850/B650 Series

OptiXstar B850/B650 Series

BusinessPON Enterprise Gateway ONU

Huawei OptiXstar B850/B650 series products are gateway-type optical network units (ONUs) designed for enterprise users. The B850/B650 can provide VxLAN and IPsec private lines for cloud access, and provide users with multiple services such as wireless office, voice, and HD video. By working with a network management system, the B850/B650 supports remote fault diagnosis, fast service provisioning, and automatic configuration. The products can be placed horizontally on a desktop, mounted on a wall, or installed in a 19-inch cabinet or network box to meet the requirements of different scenarios.

    Flexible uplink:

  • B850: XGS-PON/XG-PON
  • B650: GPON
  • Ultra-high connection capacity
  • Rich user-side interfaces:

  • Integrating functions of an optical modem, IAD, router, and AP
  • UNI: 8*GE + 8*POTS + 1*USB + 2.4G&5G Wi-Fi 6
  • Secure cloud access:

  • IPsec VPN encrypted tunnels, providing industry-leading performance for secure interconnection
  • Industry's highest-performance VxLAN and one-hop access to the cloud, ensuring cloud access experience
  • High availability:

  • High-standard hardware design and enterprise-level component selection
  • Wide temperature range and adaptable to various working environments
  • Reliability up to 99.999%, ensuring long-term stable running
  • Intelligent O&M:

  • Visualized SLA reports for private line package commitment and visualized Y.1731 KPIs
  • Smart-based fault demarcation, automatic root cause analysis, and precise optical path deterioration prediction