Video services like 4K and virtual reality (VR) pose higher demands on home networks. However, in large residences with many rooms, walls, and floors, cable routing is not a feasible solution due to relatively long distances. These residences also have more sources of interference. As a result, full Wi-Fi coverage at high rates cannot be guaranteed, and multi-channel 4K videos cannot be streamed, making the last 10 meters in homes the biggest bottleneck for improving broadband experience.

To address these issues, Huawei has launched the SmartWi-Fi solution for multi-channel 4K video bearing. This solution features high performance, wide coverage, and anti-interference, ensuring premium 4K video experience. It also supports cloud management, simplifying the operation and maintenance.

The K series products provided by the Huawei SmartWi-Fi solution support 4K TV over Wi-Fi.

Supported interface types: 4GE+2POTS+1USB 2.0+dual-band Wi-Fi.

Simple operations: Home terminals (such as PCs and STBs) can be connected to any Ethernet port on the HG8245W5. The HG8245W5 supports the SIP and H248 protocols, which simplifies the interconnection with the softswitch.

Plug-and-play: The HG8245W5 supports the OMCI and TR069 protocols to implement automatic provisioning of voice, broadband, and multicast services without onsite parameter configuration.

Services: Supports protection against Wi-Fi squatting, Wi-Fi timing, smart Wi-Fi sharing, 802.1x authentication, and association between one account and two POTS ports.

Remote diagnosis: Supports remote fault location through the POTS port loop line test, call simulation, and PPPoE dialup simulation; and supports eMDI.

High-speed forwarding: In a Network Address Translation (NAT) scenario, layer 2 and layer 3 forwarding can reach 1 Gbps in the upstream direction and 2 Gbps in the downstream direction.

Management platform: The HG8245W5 supports remote Wi-Fi diagnosis using the Huawei O&M platform network cloud engine (NCE) to implement Wi-Fi topology visualization, one-click Wi-Fi diagnosis, automatic Wi-Fi optimization, and identification of users with poor quality of experience. It also supports guest management, parental control, and Wi-Fi blacklist management.