The MA5626 is a MDU with passive heat dissipation, which supports local area network (LAN) access. It supports 5 specifications: 24 ports; 16 ports; 8 ports; 8 ports with power over Ethernet (PoE); 8 ports with reverse PoE. It can be used in FTTB + LAN scenarios to provide broadband access and voice services for home and SME users. It can be installed on desktops, in corridors, or in cabinets.

Thanks to its plug-and-play feature, the MA5626 supports shorter service provisioning phase, which reduces deployment costs. The service emulation and remote fault location features of the device help reduce O&M costs. With its energy-saving design, the MA5626 uses energy more efficiently, which in turn increases carriers' profitability. The MA5626 has been widely applied in the market, serving multiple carriers around the world.

    • The MA5626 supports a broad ambient temperature range and has a low-noise design, as well as a passive heat dissipation design, ensuring both high system reliability and low power consumption.

    • The MA5626 can be configured remotely, and its management and service channels are automatically established once the device is powered on and has successfully registered with an upper-layer device. The device supports plug-and-play and has management, maintenance, and monitoring functions to facilitate routine O&M and fault diagnosis.

    • The MA5626 automatically adapts to GPON/EPON/GE upstream transmission modes, meeting different FTTx access requirements. Moreover, it supports both the SIP and the H.248 protocol for interconnection with the softswitch.

    • The MA5626 provides 6 kV surge protection and Type C dual-PON port protection to ensure device reliability.

    • The MA5626 supports forward PoE, which provides a power source for Wi-Fi terminals in a fiber to the wireless (FTTW) network. It also supports reverse PoE so that it can be powered in FTTB scenarios.