The MA5671 multi-service access device is an ONU designed for SOHO and SME users. It is mainly used in FTTO and video surveillance scenarios. It features full metal shell, high reliability and security, convenient remote service provisioning, easy maintenance and management, natural heat dissipation, and energy saving.MA5671

Automatic Service Provisioning

    • Authentication exemption

    • Automatic electronic work order generating

Smart O&M

    • OMCI/Web UI/TR069

    • PPPoE/DHCP simulation testing

    • ETH OAM

    • Ring network detection

    • Y.1731

    • Public and private interworking for enterprise servers


    • Ethernet port rate limitation

    • 802.1p priority


    • Broadcast packet rate limitation


    • SPI firewall

    • DoS anti-attacks

    • Filtering based on MAC/IP/URL addresses

    • Static MAC address binding