MA5821 is mainly used in the FTTB and FTTC construction scenarios to provide data and multicast service access for SMEs. The MA5821 can also be used in video surveillance scenarios. The MA5821 and MA5822 provide an SFP upstream port that supports 10G GPON, GPON, upstream transmission. In the downstream direction, the MA5821 and MA5822 support 8/16/24 FE electrical ports or 8/16/24 GE electrical ports. The MA5822 supports POTS access.

10G GPON Upstream Transmission

    • 10G PON ports allow higher access bandwidth and meet high-bandwidth service requirements.

    • 10G GPON networks can coexist with the current PON networks to fully use the existing optical distribution network (ODN) resources.

Flexible Board Mountable for Various Scenarios

    • Supports 3 service flows, which provides flexible GE and POTS configurations, facilitating user configurations according to their density to achieve optimum return on investment (ROI).

    • Reserved upstream slots for further XGS-PON (symmetric 10G GPON rate) and TWDM PON smooth evaluation by installing the upstream board.

Superior Maintainability and Manageability

    • One-stop deployment and PnP: Supports offline deployment and PnP when PON is used for upstream transmission; supports configuration obtainment from the NMS,automatic configuration validity, and automatic connection and report to the NMS.

    • Precise fault locating and remote troubleshooting.

    • Network performance monitoring: network optimization and user monitoring.

Carrier-Class Reliability Design

    • The hardware has passed the electrostatic discharge (ESD) test.

    • Surge protection capability

• DC-powered port: differential mode 2 kV; common mode 4 kV.

• User LAN port: differential mode 0.5 kV; common mode 4 kV.

• POTS port: 4 kV in horizontal direction and 4 kV in vertical direction.