MA5898 is mainly used in enterprise private line access scenarios. It is a 1 U high half-inserted box-type device. It supports 10G GPON and 10G EPON upstream transmission, comprehensive QoS capabilities, high-precision clock and time synchronization, excellent maintenance and management, and carrier-class reliability.

10G GPON Upstream Transmission

• 10G PON ports allow higher access bandwidth and meet high-bandwidth service requirements

• >10G GPON networks can coexist with the current PON networks to fully use theexisting optical distribution network (ODN) resources

High-precision Clock and Time Synchronization

• Supports GPON/10G PON clock and tine synchronization

• Supports clock and time output

Superior Maintainability and Manageability

• One-stop deployment and PnP: Supports offline deployment and PnP when PON isused for upstream transmission; supports configuration obtainment from the NMS,automatic configuration validity, and automatic connection and report to the NMS

• Supports remote batch upgrades

• Precise fault locating and remote troubleshooting

• Network performance monitoring: network optimization and user monitoring

Carrier-Class Reliability Design

• The hardware has passed the electrostatic discharge (ESD) test

• Surge protection capability

• Powered port: 6 kV in both common and differential modes

• User LAN port: 4 kV in common mode

• Supports power supply using batteries when the AC power supply is cut off in