Enclosed Large-Capacity Outdoor Cabinets (D Cabinet Series)

Enclosed Large-Capacity Outdoor Cabinets (D Cabinet Series)

The D series cabinets are Huawei's classic outdoor cabinets with heat exchangers. The cabinet adopts an airtight design and highly efficient heat exchanger. It can be used in harsh environments such as hot/cold areas, deserts, and seaside to meet the requirements for fast outdoor deployment and application of large-capacity copper lines and OLTs. The high reliability of the D-series cabinets is recognized by global operators and has been applied in more than 100 countries.

    High reliability

    • The F01D2000 cabinets meet IP55 standards and have good performance in terms of EMC, waterproof/dustproof protection, and anti-sabotage, which make the cabinets applicable in harsh outdoor environments with high/low-temperatures, lightning, or storms.

    • The cabinets use a dual-heat sink and dual-fan design. The enclosed-type design effectively protects the devices inside the cabinets from external harmful dust and gases that may cause corrosion.

    • The cabinets are designed with surge protection module (maximum capability: 60 kA) and MDF protective units, which can effectively protect devices inside the cabinets from surge attacks.

    Energy conservation

    • The cabinets automatically adjust the speed of heat exchanger fans. The fans run at a low speed under normal temperature conditions, giving low noise and low power consumption to meet the requirements for installation in residential areas.

    High security

    • The F01D2000 cabinets use built-in door hinges and cabinet mounting holes for higher burglar-proof performance.

    • The cabinet equipment compartments use an HW-2801 door lock, the MDF compartments use a HW-2801B door lock, and an external padlock is also provided. Enhanced burglar-proof measures are designed for the cabinets: electronic door lock, audible and visual alarms, and battery protection fences.

    • The MDF and equipment are maintained in different compartments.

    One-stop delivery

    • The cabinets are integrated with the main device, power supply system, MDF/ODF, and monitoring system.

    • The cabinets require no onsite device installation.

    Convenient maintenance

    • The devices in the equipment compartments of the F01D2000 cabinet support front-access maintenance and the MDFs in the MDF compartments support wiring from the front side.

    • The cabinets provide portable illuminators, facilitating nighttime maintenance.

    • The cabinets can be equipped with AC maintenance sockets to supply power to maintenance terminals during field maintenance.

    Thorough monitoring

    • The F01D2000 cabinets monitor various parameters in real time and report alarms to the NMS.

    • The cabinets monitor environmental parameters, such as the temperature, humidity, and door status. They also provide interfaces for monitoring extended environmental parameters.

    • The cabinets monitor power supply devices, such as power systems and battery sets.

    • The cabinets monitor the components inside, such as MDFs, surge protectors, and cabinet fans.