Large-Capacity Enclosed Outdoor Cabinets (T Cabinet Series)

Large-Capacity Enclosed Outdoor Cabinets (T Cabinet Series)

The T cabinet series cabinets are intelligent enclosed outdoor cabinets designed to support flexible expansion. The cabinets have an open framework design (similar to block building) that enables easy expansion of the cabinet space and heat dissipation capacity at the top and both sides of the cabinets. This feature helps customers quickly carry out capacity expansion and device upgrades at low cost. An intelligent power system is also configured to implement intelligent management of site security, operating status, and batteries. Currently, T100, T300, and T500 product models are available, covering small and medium-sized copper, OLT, and WDM devices in wall, pole, pedestal, or elevated platform installation scenarios.

    • Smooth evolution: The framework and modular designs of the cabinets facilitate onsite cabinet combination to allow unlimited cabinet space expansion. For example, a T series cabinet can be combined with a battery cabinet on the left side to expand the battery capacity and with a top-box on the top to expand the service capacity, meeting the requirements of an increasing site penetration rate.

    • High reliability: The cabinets meet IP55 standards and adopt an enclosed design, which can effectively protect the devices inside the cabinets from external harmful dust and gases that may cause corrosion. They also provide up to 60 kA surge protection capability for more secure outdoor use.

    • Energy conservation: The cabinets' industry-leading passive heat dissipation design (inflow/outflow heat convection and conduction) effectively reduces power consumption. When the cabinet service capacity is increased or services with higher rates are provisioned, enhanced dissipation modules can be installed in the cabinets to expand the heat dissipation capacity accordingly.

    • Super silence: The enclosed cabinet design not only improves the device reliability, but also achieves good sound insulation performance. The cabinet noise is 10 dBA lower than the industry average, which makes the cabinets applicable in environments with low noise requirements.

    • One-stop delivery: The cabinets are integrated with a main device, MDF/ODF, power distribution system, batteries, battery heater, enhanced heat dissipation module, and cabinet fans before delivery so that they require no onsite device installation.

    • Intelligent management: The cabinets support remote intelligent O&M for the environment temperature, door status, surge protection module, and fan status through intelligent components.