M50 Outdoor Cabinet

M50 Outdoor Cabinet

The M50 cabinet is a small outdoor cabinet launched by Huawei for the rapid construction of FTTH at old wireless sites. The cabinet adopts a fully enclosed design and is equipped with a high-efficiency heat exchanger, which can adapt to various harsh climate environments such as high temperature and offshore. The cabinet is small in size and light in weight, and flexible in installation. It supports 1~2U small equipment and can be quickly installed on mobile sites, telephone poles, walls or other cabinet side walls to help customers quickly expand and upgrade existing network equipment at a low cost to achieve the continued Value mining of the site.

Product Highlights

Easy Deployment: Compact, lightweight, and can be installed by one person. Flexible pole or wall-mounting, can be mounted on a cabinet side panel to realize fiber-in copper-out.

Multi-service Convergence: Supports Datacom ATN and OLT or other 1U 19-inchdevices.

High Reliability: Sealed to IP55, which effectively isolates external harmful dust and corrosive gas, extending the service life by at least 24 months.

Flexible Power Supply: Supports DC and AC direct power supply. Power can be flexibly obtained onsite.

One-stop Delivery: The cabinet integrates components such as the main device, PDU, ODF, and cables. No secondary integration is required onsite.