Agile IP Private Line Solution

Agile IP Private Line Solution

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IP private lines are popular with enterprises due to their shortest-path interconnection, agile granularity, and asymmetric bandwidth. These features have made IP private lines a mainstream, new-generation private line technology. As enterprises go digital in recent years, they are migrating their services to the cloud faster than ever and their needs for IP private lines have changed significantly. What enterprises need now are guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs), fast service provisioning, and on-demand bandwidth.

To meet enterprise needs, Huawei IP private line solution uses SRv6 and SDN technologies to lower the technical demands of private lines for intermediate networks. This enables telecom carriers to fully utilize existing networks and quickly access IP private line services to get a head start. With SRv6 Policy technology, resources are visualized across the entire network, and enterprise private line SLAs can be guaranteed on demand to help carriers deliver high-quality IP private line services.

OTT agility; quick service provisioning

SRv6 technology helps lower the technical demands of private line services for intermediate networks and fully utilizes the existing network resources of carriers. Using SDN technology, the network cloud engine (NCE) platform enables automatic service deployment and provides access to large-granularity cross-domain private lines in days. This gives carriers a head start in the private line market.

Carrier-class; guaranteed SLAs

With intelligent Capability-Aware Network (iCAN) technology, resources are visualized across the entire network, allowing a network-wide resource map to be drawn. SRv6 Policy enables private lines to decide service paths based on tenant SLAs, such as latency and bandwidth, and to automatically optimize themselves based on the network situation in real-time. Through this process, SLAs can be guaranteed. Huawei's unique in-band flow information telemetry (iFIT) technology measures network performance based on IP data flows, and visualizes SLA performance within seconds. This helps quickly locate the root causes of network faults, and enables hard isolation of resources using network slicing technology, ensuing the high quality of private line services.