AntiDDoS8000 DDoS Protection System

AntiDDoS8000 DDoS Protection System

Huawei AntiDDoS8000 DDoS Protection system employs big data analysis to conduct modeling for 60+ types of traffic, offering Terabit-level protection, second-level response, and comprehensive defense against 100+ types of attacks. By working with Huawei cloud scrubbing center, AntiDDoS8000 can deliver multi-layer DDoS defense and provide full-fledged protection that covers network links and online services.

High-volume DDoS attacks protection

  • Multi-core distributed architecture and big data-based intelligent protection engine to offer Terabit-level protection performance.
  • Second-level attack response to rapidly block attack traffic.

Application-layer DDoS attacks protection

  • Collection of all traffic, Layer 3/4/7 per-packet analysis, and modeling for 60+ types of network traffic to provide the most precise and comprehensive attack detection.
  • All-round reputation system of local session behavior reputation, location reputation, and Botnet IP reputation to precisely defend against application-layer DDoS attacks launched from Botnets, reducing false positives and improving user experience.
  • Comprehensive defense against 100+ types of attacks to protect key service systems, such as WEB, DNS, DHCP, and VoIP.

Anti-DDoS managed service

  • Tenant-specific automatic and manual defense policies for comprehensive protection.
  • Tenant-specific report statistics and report sending via email to simplify management.
  • Self-service portal for tenants to increase their loyalty.
  • Differentiated operation for 100,000 tenants.

Dual-stack (IPv4/IPv6) DDoS attacks protection

  • Defense against dual-stack (IPv4/IPv6) DDoS attacks.

Multi-layered DDoS protection

  • The on-premise device is online in real time to protect user services.
  • When a link is congested, the on-premise device can automatically send cloud signals to start cloud cleaning and protect user links.
  • 2Tbps+ cloud mitigation capacity. 10+ cloud scrubbing center with global scheduling. Minute-level defense response.