Eudemon1000E-V Virtual Service Gateway

Eudemon1000E-V Virtual Service Gateway

Huawei Eudemon1000E-V is a virtual (software-based) service gateway based on the network functions virtualization (NFV). It features high virtual resource usage because the virtualization technology allows a large number of tenants to concurrently use the resources. In addition, the Eudemon1000E-V provides abundant virtualized gateway services, such as routing, VPN, firewall, load balancing, intrusion prevention, and antivirus services. It can be flexibly deployed to meet service requirements.

Huawei Eudemon1000E-V series virtual service gateways apply to cloud data centers and provide one-stop gateway services for tenants. The high efficiency and multi-tenant feature of the product simplifies gateway deployment for a large number of tenants and reduces deployment costs. Additionally, the USG6000V is compatible with multiple mainstream virtualization platforms and provides abundant APIs, meeting the requirements of cloud data centers for rapid service provisioning and on-demand use of services.

Nine security protection capabilities, flexible service deployment

  • Provides all NGFW functions to protect virtual network security.Network-layer functions, such as firewall, IPSec, L2TP, GRE, QoS, and Smart PolicyApplication-layer services, such as ACTUAL-based awareness, IPS, antivirus, anti-DDoS, SLB, and SSL.
  • Supports pool deployment and one-to-many virtualization, implementing flexible service deployment and maximizing resource utilization. -Pool deployment is on-demand deployment, unified scheduling, and quick provisioning of network-wide security resources, improving performance elasticity and maximizing resource utilization. -Each tenant is assigned a virtual system, and multiple tenants share one vNGFW. Each vNGFW can connect a maximum of 500 tenants, with fine-granular resource allocation, to reduce the investment of each tenant.

Four open platforms, facilitating the NFV solution

  • Connects to existing systems, which reduces customer investments.
  • Is compatible with mainstream virtual machine platforms, such as KVM, Xen, VMWare, and Huawei FusionSphere.
  • Provides both the Netconf and RESTful APIs and supports the Openstack plug-in, and can be managed by the cloud management platform based on Openstack.
  • Supports multiple integration solutions for end-to-end delivery.
  • Supports the AWS , and integrates the vEPC, vCPE, and Gi-LAN solutions.

SDN incorporation, automatic network deployment

  • Security resource pools, flexible resource allocation and scheduling, accelerating the service rollout period for customers.
  • Flexible arrangement of security services based on tenant requirements .
  • Dynamic perception of VM migration and security policy implementation based on the cloud, preventing service interruption.