Eudemon9000E-F High-end Firewall

Eudemon9000E-F High-end Firewall

The Eudemon9000E-F series firewalls (Eudemon9000E-F series for short) are the High-end firewalls provided by Huawei. They defend against known and unknown threats at network borders in real time and provide leading security protection capabilities for carrier, large-sized data center and campus networks.

With SPUs added, the Eudemon9000E-F performance linearly increases. The entire throughput meets high performance requirements.

Stable and Reliable Security Gateway: Full Redundancy for Service Continuity

The mean time between failures (MTBF) of the Eudemon9000E-F reaches 260,000 hours, and the failover takes less than 1 second. These ensure the consistent and stable operating of services.

Practical Application Security Features: Defending Against Threats & Improving Cyber Security

Having next-generation firewall essential features (such as IPS, antivirus, and URL filtering) integrated, the Eudemon9000E-F, updates vulnerability information in real time and is able to defend against zero-day attacks, improving user service stability.

Comprehensive CGN Features: Flexibly Coping with IPv6 Transition

The Eudemon9000E-F supports multiple IPv6 transition techniques including NAT44(4),NAT66, and NAT64, providing efficient, flexible, satisfied, and cost-effective integrated network evolution and service transition solutions for carriers.

Most Abundant Virtualization: For Cloud Network Deployment

The Eudemon9000E-F supports multi-faceted virtualization function, including resource virtualization, configuration virtualization, and forwarding virtualization. Management virtualization supports personalized policies, log management, and auditing for each standalone virtual firewall. The virtual systems are logically isolated, thereby securing tenants' data in each virtual system.

Applications & Benefits

The Eudemon9000E-F has been widely applied to carriers, ISPs, and various industries, such as finance. Its adequate security service guarantee approaches fully meet customers' requirements for cyber security high integration, rapid response, high-speed processing, and long-term guar