SVN5800 Secure Access Gateway

SVN5800 Secure Access Gateway

SVN5800 is the secure access gateway designed by Huawei for carriers. Based on Huawei's high-availability hardware platform and dedicated real-time operating system, the SVN5800 meets demanding international certification standards and uses a low-power hardware design to achieve energy efficiency and low carbon. Secure, agile access anywhere protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) Virtual Private Network (VPN), and encrypted transmission capabilities provides remote access, mobile office, branch network, cloud access and other security solutions for carrier and enterprise customers.

Powerful Secure Access Ability

Supports a maximum of 50,000 concurrent users, one of the highest performance levels in the industry;

Supports a wide range of operating systems, such as Android, Windows, iOS, Mac OS and Linux;

Supports up to 4 VPN access types: SSL, IPSec, GRE and L2TP.

Holistic Security Protection

Supports a wide variety of authentication and authorization methods, such as local password authentication, AD/LDAP, RADIUS, digital certificates, tokens, terminal ID, CAPTCHA code, USB key, or a combination of these methods to ensure security.

Provides fine-grained access control based on application, IP address, port, and URL and is able to identify over 6000 application protocols.

Supports host check, access history clearing, terminal ID binding, DDoS attack defense at application and network layers to ensure that devices can securely access the service resources and cannot be used as a jump-off point for attacks.

The SVN uses the industry-leading virtual gateway technology and supports a maximum of 512 virtual SSL VPN gateways to reduce hardware investment. Each virtual SSL VPN gateway supports independent authentication, management, and configuration, which facilitates administrator operations, reduces maintenance costs, and allows for multiple virtual gateways on one physical gateway.

Agile Access Experience

Supports a wide range of secure access methods, such as Web proxy, file sharing, port forwarding and network extension for users to choose.

Detects the best access gateway dynamically and chooses the best link automatically to ensure access experience.

User/user group-based traffic bandwidth management and control, prioritized login for VIP users, and hierarchical user access management to efficiently use enterprise network resources.

Application & Benefits

SVN5800 series secure access gateway products are widely deployed in carriers and enterprises, which greatly facilitate branch access, partner access, customer access, traveling employees to access remote the office access scenarios greatly enhance business efficiency.