CloudEngine 5800 Series Data Center Switches - Huawei


CloudEngine 5800 Series Data Center Switches

Huawei CloudEngine 5800 series (CE5800) switches are next-generation, high-density Gigabit Ethernet switches designed for data centers and high-end campus networks. The CE5800 hardware has an advanced architectural design with the industry's highest density of GE access ports.

The CE5800 is also the first Gigabit Ethernet access switch to provide 40GE uplink ports.

The CE5800 comes in three models: CE5855-48T4S2Q-EI, CE5855-24T4S2Q-EI, CE5850-48T4S2Q-HI.

Using the Huawei VRP8 software platform, CE5800 switches support Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL) and have a high stacking capability (up to 16-member switches in a stack system). In addition, the airflow direction (front-to-back or back-to-front) can be changed. CE5800 switches can work with CE12800 switches to build an elastic, virtualized, high-quality fabric that meets the requirements of cloud-computing data centers.

CE5800 switches provide high-density GE access to help enterprises build a scalable data center network platform for cloud computing. They can also be used as aggregation or access switches for enterprise campus networks.

Huawei’s Super Virtual Fabric (SVF) technology allows virtualization of multiple physical switches into one logical switch to simplify network management and improve reliability.

Combine with CE12800 switches to build a virtualized, converged, and easily scalable Ethernet switching environment.

Configurable fan modules include front-to-rear and rear-to-front options to optimize cooling as capacity is increased.

Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) simplifies configuration and deployment, enabling on-demand customization of services and automated O&M.