NetEngine 8000 Series Router

NetEngine 8000 Series Router

8000 960

The NetEngine 8000 is designed to meet the requirements of diversified services and numerous connections in the cloud era. The NetEngine 8000 series is the industry's first router that provides a capacity of 14.4T per slot. The series applies to metro core, aggregation, DC gateway, and international gateway scenarios. The all-scenario platform greatly simplifies network node deployment and complexity.
All NetEngine 8000 series routers support network slicing, multi-service bearing, and one network for multiple purposes. SRv6 enables automated connections across domains, service provisioning within minutes, and one-hop access to the cloud. It also supports intelligent traffic steering based on policies such as latency and bandwidth for applications and tenants on the cloud, allowing on-demand scheduling of network resources and guaranteeing SLAs for different services. In addition, iMaster Network Cloud Engine (NCE) and In-situ Flow Information Telemetry (iFIT) enable real-time visualization of service quality and fault demarcation within minutes. Huawei's proprietary intelligent algorithms for alarm compression reduce the number of alarms and improve O&M efficiency. The series will enable carriers to build intelligent IP bearer networks, facilitating business success in the cloud era.


  • NetEngine 8000 X Series

    The NetEngine 8000 X series adopts a new hardware architecture, supports SRv6 for end-to-end intelligent connections, and integrates intelligent O&M capabilities, helping carriers build simplified intelligent metro networks.

  • NetEngine 8000 M Series

    Huawei's NetEngine 8000 M series comprises compact full-scenario aggregation routers designed for the cloud era.

  • NetEngine 8000 F Series

    The NetEngine 8000 F series comprises high-performance and large-capacity metro edge routers designed for the cloud era.