NetEngine 8000 X Series

NetEngine 8000 X Series

Huawei's NetEngine 8000 X series comprises the X4 and the X8, two full-service intelligent metro routers designed to meet the requirements for new services and numerous connections in the cloud era. The X series adopts a new hardware architecture, supports SRv6 for end-to-end intelligent connections, and integrates intelligent O&M capabilities, helping carriers build simplified intelligent metro networks.

Ultra-Large Capacity

The NetEngine 8000 X series comprises Huawei's carrier-grade flagship routers. The X series makes technological breakthroughs in powerful heat dissipation and efficient power supply, and provides the industry's first per-slot capacity of 14.4 Tbps. In addition, its large-capacity boards provide high-density 400GE or 100GE ports to meet the requirements for traffic growth in the cloud era.

Compact Design

Leveraging a new hardware platform, the NetEngine 8000 X series routers adopt an orthogonal architecture between line processing units (LPUs) and switch fabric units (SFUs), making the entire system more compact. The NetEngine 8000 X8 is only 15.8 U high, and the NetEngine 8000 X4 is only 9.8 U high, greatly reducing the footprint in metro equipment rooms.

All-Scenario Platform

The NetEngine 8000 X series is an all-scenario platform that can function as an SR, PE, Internet gateway, or DC gateway, simplifying network layers and node complexity.

It supports a wide range of software features, including SRv6, network slicing (FlexE), and In-situ Flow Information Telemetry (iFIT). SRv6 enables automated connections across domains, service provisioning within minutes, and one-hop access to the cloud. It also supports intelligent traffic steering based on policies such as latency and bandwidth for applications and tenants on the cloud, allowing on-demand scheduling of network resources and guaranteeing SLAs for different services. FlexE realizes one network for multiple purposes, thereby saving customer investment. In addition, with iFIT, the X series achieves real-time visualization of network service quality and facilitates fast fault demarcation and locating.

Low Power Consumption

The power consumption of the NetEngine 8000 X series is less than 0.3 W/G, greatly improving the energy efficiency ratio (EER). In addition, the X series uses Huawei proprietary vapor chamber (VC) phase change and mixed-flow fan heat dissipation technologies to effectively improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the entire system.