ATN multi-service access router

ATN multi-service access router

ATN series is multi-service transport access-layer products that meet the GE/10GE/25GE site-to-site requirements. Provides 50GE/100GE interfaces, large-capacity, and multi-service interfaces. Supports new features such as SR/SRv6, EVPN, FlexE, and 1588v2 high-precision clock. ATN products include ATN 905 series, ATN 910 series, and ATN 950 series. They work with CX600, NE40E, and NetEngine 8000 series to build an end-to-end routing integrated bearer solution.

ATN 905 series

The ATN 905 series is positioned for small base station bearer and EDD VIP private line market, further improving the last-mile coverage and VIP private line bearer capability of IPRAN. 1 U high and half-size, AC/DC power supply, easy maintenance and installation, wide coverage, fast delivery, easy to use, FE and GE service ports, SR/SRv6, EVPN, and 1588v2 high-precision clock features.

ATN 910C series

The ATN910C series are positioned for mobile base station bearer and VIP private line markets to implement last-mile FMC integrated service access. The ATN910C series is 1 U fixed multi-service access router and supports high-density 10GE/GE access. It provides 10GE/GE/FE service ports, AC/DC power supply, and is easy to install and deploy. It supports SR/SRv6, EVPN, and 1588v2 high-precision clocks.

ATN 950 series

The ATN950 series is designed for carrying all generation mobile services and VIP private line services. The ATN950 series is 2 U high and supports 50GE/25GE/10GE/GE/FE/CPOS/E1 interfaces and flexible plug-in cards to flexibly access various services, supports SR/SRv6, EVPN, FlexE, and 1588v2 high-precision clock features, and provides redundancy protection for main control boards and power supplies to ensure high reliability.

    Full-service access, applicable to all generation mobile services VIP private line bearer scenarios

  • Multiple ATN series products can provide multiple types of services, such as 100GE/50GE/25GE/10GE/GE/FE/CPOS 155/E1, to meet the requirements of all generation mobile services and VIP private line service access.
  • Supports Layer 2/Layer 3 MPLS VPN/EVPN service bearing, processing, and forwarding, meeting flexible deployment of multiple services.
  • Abundant service capabilities, programmable NP architecture, flexible upgrade, and future evolution

  • Adopts the NP programmable architecture to support the interworking and coexistence of traditional MPLS and SR/SRv6 protocols, supporting smooth network evolution.
  • Supports the hardware slicing capability. A physical port is divided into multiple slices to implement flexible bandwidth allocation and service isolation.
  • Supports the 1588v2/G.8275.1 OC/TC/BC full mode, 1588 ACR, E1 line clock, and synchronous Ethernet clock to solve the high-precision clock synchronization problem and indoor clock coverage problem of the mobile packet bearer network.
  • Carrier-class service protection switching, unaware of service systems

  • Supports protection technologies, such as IP FRR, LDP FRR, TE FRR, VPN FRR, and TI-LFA. Suitable for various integrated carrier scenarios for node, link and network-level multi-protection.
  • Hardware BFD implements millisecond-level fault detection.
  • Intelligent O&M to autonomous driving network

  • The innovative iFIT technology supports millisecond-level in-flow detection and accurate restoration of service paths. It works with iMaster NCE to implement service experience and network KPI association analysis and intelligent fault demarcation within minutes.
  • Supports automatic rollout of plug-and-play and implements E2E minute-level service provisioning and SLA visualization based on iMaster NCE.
  • Product application and customer benefits

  • Global mobile bearer networks have been commercially deployed on a large scale, serving carriers in more than 130 countries and regions, greatly reducing the TCO of carriers in network construction and improving service deployment and network O&M efficiency.