NE9000 Series Converged Core Router

NE9000 Series Converged Core Router

The NetEngine9000 (NE9000) series are high-performance, next-generation converged core routers that can be deployed on IP/MPLS backbone, DCI, and large-scale enterprise networks.

The NE9000 series uses the programmable Solar NP chipset developed by Huawei and features the industry's first high-speed cable backplane. A capacity of 80 Tbit/s is provided in a single chassis, which can be upgraded to 160Tbit/s in the future. NE9000s also provide complete SDN and virtual system capabilities to simplify network architecture, converge the bearing of multiple services, and enable high reliability and easy O&M.


Four times higher capacity than the industry average, supporting growth over the next 5 to 10 years

  • 80Tbit/s per chassis, upgradable to 160Tbit/s in the future
  • High-density 100GE and 400GE ports for core networks


Support for all services and all scenarios

  • Full all the functions of P and PE nodes, allowing deployment in any scenario
  • Multi-domain system (MDS) technology allows division into multiple virtual systems for converged bearing of different services
  • IP+optical synergy for improved network efficiency


Intelligent SDN architecture featuring three programmable planes and real-time adjustment and delivery

  • Programmable networks, enabling end-to-end SDN solutions
  • Programmable services, enabling real-time traffic optimization and BOD
  • Programmable chipsets, enabling service customization and delivery in minutes

High quality

Secure, reliable, and green

  • Redundant key components with intelligent fault detection and recovery
  • Variety of reliability-related features, including comprehensive NSx and protection switching
  • Green design for <0.4 w/g="" power="" consumption,="" half="" of="" the="" industry="">