iMaster NCE-Campus

iMaster NCE-Campus

Services are rapidly evolving along with emergence of innovative solutions in IoT, VR, and AR. What's more, campus networks are experiencing all-around digital transformation — driven by massive IoT terminals and changes to or rollout of new services — with a trend towards wireless, cloud-based, and intelligent networks.

iMaster NCE-Campus is Huawei's next-generation autonomous driving network management and control system for campus networks. The platform intelligently integrates management, control, analysis, and AI. It provides full-lifecycle management of campus networks and intelligent fault resolution using big data and AI.

As a result, enterprises reduce OPEX and O&M costs, while accelerating their cloudification and digital transformation.

Key Features

Network Deployment Automation

  • Supports plug-and-play for devices using app-based barcode scanning or DHCP-based deployment and provisions network services in minutes, greatly simplifying network deployment and shortening construction periods.
  • Performs E2E unified deployment, management, and monitoring for LAN and WAN network devices in multi-branch interconnection scenarios. This guarantees E2E services, reduces O&M costs and improves O&M efficiency.

    Service Policy Automation

  • Offers various authentication modes — such as 802.1X, portal, and social media authentication — for a large number of network devices and users.
  • Ensures free mobility and convenient user experience by decoupling users from IP addresses, while adhering to permission management and control requirements. As a result, users can access the network anywhere, anytime.
  • Provides a built-in terminal fingerprint database and supports several identification methods, improving terminal identification accuracy. In this case, masses of IoT terminals are plug-and play and intelligently connected, while policies are automatically matched and delivered.
  • Performs hierarchical QoS scheduling based on user and service priorities, and provides user- and application-centered policies, ensuring that users enjoy a better access experience through more refined management and control of bandwidth policies.

    Intelligent O&M

  • Uses real-time experience visibility for regions, users, and applications to implement fault tracing, quickly and intelligently demarcate faulty devices, and analyze the root causes of poor quality.
  • Uses AI algorithms to proactively identify issues, locate faults in minutes, and intelligently predict faults. iMaster NCE-Campus can identify 90% of potential network issues and provides effective rectification suggestions.
  • Evaluates wireless network channel conflicts in real time, performs predictive optimization on the wireless network, and compares gains before and after optimization. This improves the entire network's performance by over 50%.