Agile Controller-Campus


Agile Controller-Campus

Agile Controller-Campus, as a core component of Huawei CloudCampus Solution, is a next-generation campus and branch network controller. Leveraging innovative solutions such as automatic deployment of campus and branch networks and CloudWAN converged management, Agile Controller-Campus reduces enterprises' OPEX and O&M costs, accelerates service cloudification and digital transformation, and delivers agile network management and intelligent network O&M.

Key Features

Network Automation

Provides automatic deployment of campus networks, wizard-based service pre-configuration, device plug-and-play, and automatic provisioning of network services on underlay and overlay networks. This drastically simplifies network deployment and reduces OPEX.
Offers rights- and domain-based management of multiple tenants on the cloud, enhancing management security, and supports MSP-maintained network


Provides visualized network O&M, which enables network monitoring based on the GIS map, fast fault locating, and online PMI.
Provides open APIs to interwork with third-party applications so that enterprise campus network services can be flexibly expanded.


Supports automatic configuration of all services (including private lines between enterprise branches), service policy configuration, VAS orchestration, and dynamic VPN establishment to simplify branch network deployment.
Supports application experience (preferentially) and comprehensive traffic steering based on bandwidth and link quality.
Provides visualized network O&M and management of applications and links. Agile Controller-Campus displays information about network-wide application traffic and devices on the web UI, facilitating real-time control of the entire network and simplifying O&M.

User Access Management

Provides unified wired and wireless access along with multiple authentication modes (including 802.1X, Portal, MAC address, and HWTACACS). Agile Controller-Campus can also authenticate users through association between multiple social media accounts, and uniformly authenticates and manages enterprise employees, visitors, and device administrators.
Supports centralized management and control of user policies. Agile Controller-Campus centrally controls user permissions, application, bandwidth, QoS, and security policies to optimize user experience.
Supports visualized configuration, policy orchestration in matrix mode, and Portal page customization in a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor, improving management efficiency of network policies.