With the rapid development of new ICT technologies, such as cloud computing, big data, and the Internet, the services of enterprise campus networks are becoming more and more complex. Traditional network deployment and management solutions face problems such as low deployment efficiency, complex network management, and high OPEX. Huawei CloudCampus Solution offers automatic and centralized management on a multi-tenant network using cloud computing, SDN, and big data technologies. It also provides data collection and analysis capabilities that traditional networks are unable to offer, allowing for network (LAN or WLAN) as a service (NaaS).

Use Cases

Plug-and-play and Zero Touch Provisioning

Traditional network deployment depends on manual planning and configuration, which is time-consuming, costly, and prone to errors. To meet requirements in different network scenarios, Agile Controller-Campus provides three plug-and-play deployment modes: deployment through app scanning, deployment through DHCP, and deployment through the registration query center. Agile Controller-Campus also provides a comprehensive and user-friendly web UI, through which network management and service provisioning can be performed centrally. This implements automatic network deployment within minutes, simplifies local network deployment, and facilitates network construction.

Automatic Provisioning of Underlay Network Services

In traditional mode, policies oriented to users and services are managed based on VLANs and ACLs and need to be manually configured. The maintenance workload is heavy and the network deployment efficiency is low. Agile Controller-Campus automatically sets up VXLAN tunnels based on the BGP EVPN control plane. It implements automatic virtual fabric construction. Underlay network services are configured in a centralized manner, providing simple, fast, and intelligent provisioning of virtual network services based on service drivers and enabling networks to be more agile for services.

Quick Network Access

Agile Controller-Campus manages multiple tenants, supports HTTP/2, enables network device management and user authentication, and integrates the NAC function. It also supports multiple user access modes, such as Portal, SMS, and social media authentication, enabling visitors to access campus networks through the Internet. This not only reduces network dependency and network deployment costs, but also speeds up the deployment period, lowers costs, and increases security because there is no need to separately purchase a traditional network access authentication system and deploy it locally.

Fast Fault Locating

In traditional mode, network engineers perform network management manually. They respond to faults passively and do not have any effective method to quickly locate faults, resulting in low efficiency of fault locating. Agile Controller-Campus detects network status through PMI and health evaluation, and takes preventive measures against potential faults. After a fault occurs, Agile Controller-Campus provides multiple fault locating methods and checks whether the fault is caused by the network. This ensures fast fault locating, which can be implemented within 30 minutes.