The increasing popularity of public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) is driving infrastructure such as enterprise data centers to become cloud-based. More and more enterprises are using public clouds, breaking the traditional closed architecture of enterprise IT. Additionally, enterprises are gradually migrating key applications to the cloud and rely on SaaS provided by application service providers. Enterprises have increasing demands for access to key office applications from the cloud through the Internet.
Agile Controller-Campus leverages innovative technologies such as CloudWAN and EVPN to implement network virtualization, centralized policy management, and cloud-based management, providing enterprises with cloud-based private line management services. This reduces OPEX and accelerates service cloudification and digital transformation.

Use Cases

Simplified Deployment

WAN-side configuration and service provisioning in traditional mode are complex, and manual onsite operations take a long time. Agile Controller-Campus supports email- and DHCP-based deployment and plug-and-play of all series of CPEs. It also supports quick configuration and automatic deployment of private line tunnels, shortening the leased line service provisioning period from months to days. This ensures that network services are available wherever enterprise services are deployed.

Application Experience Optimization

Cloud-based enterprise applications and access between sites are invisible on the WAN and traffic cannot be properly scheduled. As a result, service experience cannot be guaranteed for key applications. Huawei CloudWAN Solution supports quick and precise identification of applications. You can configure user-defined applications on Agile Controller-Campus and flexibly identify industry-specific applications. Leveraging technologies such as IP FPM for link detection, SPR-based intelligent traffic steering, bandwidth-based traffic steering, and hierarchical QoS, intelligent service awareness and traffic steering are implemented, ensuring service experience for key applications and improving bandwidth utilization from 60% to 90%.

On-Demand VAS Deployment

At the egress of a traditional campus network, multiple network devices such as firewalls and WAN optimization controllers (WOCs) need to be deployed. Multiple management systems coexist, resulting in high deployment and management costs. Agile Controller-Campus supports full lifecycle management of virtualized network functions (VNFs) on uCPEs, enabling enterprise customers to quickly load VASs. In addition, it supports VNF service function chain (SFC) orchestration on uCPEs to ensure that service traffic passes through multiple VNF nodes as defined by customers, meeting various service requirements.

Visualized O&M

Agile Controller-Campus manages applications and links in a visualized manner, visualizes the status of the entire network, and monitors network status in real time to deliver improved O&M efficiency. It also monitors and collects statistics on service flows, displays the quality and status trend of applications and links, and implements quick troubleshooting and accurate fault backtracking. This allows enterprises, especially those with a large number of branch sites, to visualize the status of inter-site networks and simplify fault locating.