Agile Controller-DCN


Agile Controller-DCN

The rise of the mobile Internet has created challenges for traditional telecom carriers' services such as voice and SMS. Carriers must therefore change their R&D, operation, and service models to overcome these challenges. For example, one approach is for carriers to decouple telecom software and hardware by using network function virtualization (NFV). They can construct an NFV infrastructure (NFVI), together with other technologies such as cloud computing, to quickly develop network functions and applications and bring them online. Another approach is for carriers to undergo digital transformation and reconstruct data centers to improve resource utilization, management, and O&M efficiency. In this case, it becomes critical for carriers to quickly build, expand, and upgrade network infrastructure and implement automatic E2E service provisioning and adjustment.
Huawei provides an industry-leading automatic and intelligent solution for telco cloud NFVI and Enterprise Data Center (EDC)/Internet Data Center (IDC) scenarios, redefining automatic deployment, service provisioning, and O&M of data center networks.

Key Features

Simplified Provisioning

In a data center network, devices need to be configured manually one by one after they are connected and powered on for building and connecting to the basic network. This is laborious, especially in large data center network. Agile Controller-DCN provides Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), allowing users to configure the basic network through one click without setting any parameters after devices are connected and powered on. It also enables automatic and quick network provisioning, greatly simplifying underlay network deployment and implementing fast network infrastructure creation, upgrade, and expansion.

Simplified Deployment

Agile Controller-DCN achieves unified control and dynamic scheduling of the cloud data center network, allowing customers to flexibly deploy and schedule network resources according to their service development and enabling the data center network to be more agile for cloud services. Agile Controller-DCN provides a comprehensive and user-friendly GUI, allowing users to define the overlay network provisioning model in drag-and-drop mode and implementing service provisioning in minutes. In addition, Agile Controller-DCN can interconnect with mainstream cloud platforms and container platforms to implement unified management of cloud data centers.

Simplified O&M

Agile Controller-DCN visualizes O&M of the cloud data center network, presenting the network in small granularities and multiple dimensions. It covers physical and virtual resources, physical, logical, and application networks, global network and tenants, and single- and multi-service paths. In addition, Agile Controller-DCN provides Layer 3 network topology visualization, path detection, loop detection, and underlay network verification to help quickly locate network faults.