Agile Private Line


Agile Private Line

Enterprises nowadays are choosing to purchase cloud services instead of IT devices. An enterprise using cloud services must extend its network to cover a wide area and requires the WAN to deliver increasingly higher bandwidth. Low latency is also a basic requirement of cloud services. Against this backdrop, fiber to the enterprise (FTTE) private line services become a necessity. In the B2B private line sector, Huawei strategically focuses on driving the growth of carrier private line services. Huawei strives to promote the innovation of B2B private line service models, expand business scenarios, and build agile, automated, and intelligent E2E private line services for carriers.

Use Cases

Multi-Domain Private Line Design & Resource Preparation

Centralized management of network-wide resources and heterogeneous integration of different types of resources, such as SDN and legacy resources, help carriers gain control of resources across the entire network. NCE (Super) also provides configuration templates for private lines. These templates, designed based on network-wide resources and service intents, are bound to resource pools and published for shared use. They allow flexible combination and on-demand access, enabling carriers to bring new services online within days.

Multi-Domain Private Line Provisioning

Graphical service design, flexible combination of multiple services, and multi-domain multi-vendor service provisioning capabilities enable carriers to provision services within minutes while minimizing manual labor and errors. Differentiated SLA requirements for services can be satisfied based on multiple path computation factors.

Service BOD & BC

NCE (Super) provides bandwidth on demand (BOD) and bandwidth calendaring (BC) to overcome the limitation of rigid pipes. This enables carriers to quickly address the diversified requirements of enterprises and markets for temporary bandwidth in private line services, helping carriers achieve differentiated competitiveness.

Multi-Domain Service Maintenance

NCE (Super) provides the private line assurance solution, which provides powerful assurance capabilities, builds an optimal and consistent private line experience, and helps carriers improve the competitiveness of traditional private lines.