SingleFAN Pro Solution

SingleFAN Pro Solution

With the emergence of 4K/8K/VR HD videos, the FTTH industry has entered a new stage of rapid development. As services have increasing requirements on bandwidth, the gigabit FTTH solution is garnering attention from operators. Huawei's innovative SingleFAN Pro solution has been applied to more than 88 of the world's leading operators. In addition, Huawei's innovative QuickODN redefines how a fiber infrastructure network can be built. The pre-connection technology makes optical cables plug-and-play without splicing. The uneven splitting technology greatly reduces optical cable usage and standardizes the engineering process, greatly improving the construction efficiency.

Customer Value
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    Smooth Evolution

    10G GPON, 10G EPON, GPON, and EPON share the same platform, enabling smooth network evolution without changing the ODN.

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    Superior Experience

    Huawei OLT allows 16,000 users to watch 4K videos online at the same time. The ONTs provide seamless coverage for homes using Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6, achieving superior service experience.

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    Fast Network Construction

    Pre-connection and uneven splitting solutions for all aerial, buried, and in-building scenarios greatly reduce splicing and standardize the construction.


  • Smart NG-OLT MA5800

    The MA5800 is an 8K-ready OLT platform supporting PON, 10G PON, and 50G PON in the Gigaband era.

  • MA5800 Flex-PON

    Flex-PON is a multi-mode in 1 PON board supporting GPON, XG(S)-PON and XG(S)-PON Combo PON mode at the same time.

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