Giga Copper

Ultrafast Copper Solution

As bandwidth-hungry services such as HD videos become popular, the copper access networks of operators become increasingly overstretched. Huawei has released the Ultrafast Copper solution based on twisted-pair copper lines. The solution adopts the new-generation DSL access technologies, such as SuperVector, to deliver copper line access rate up to 300 Mbit/s, enabling copper line access to enter the ultra-broadband era. The Ultrafast Copper solution helps operators make full use of existing copper resources to provide ultra-broadband access for subscribers.

Customer Value
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    Ultra-high Bandwidth

    Provides an access bandwidth of 100–300 Mbit/s and meets the requirements for value-added services such as HD videos

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    Quick Deployment

    Reuses copper lines and provides rapid broadband services for subscribers based on the site solution to shorten the time to market

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    Smart O&M

    Remote site and line maintenance reduces the OPEX