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The CloudCampus solution provides high-quality Wi-Fi coverage, full-lifecycle cloud management, and intelligent O&M, enabling campus as a service and helping operators expand their B2B offerings from WAN to LAN.

CloudCampus provides high-quality Wi-Fi coverage solutions, such as innovative smart antennas, WiFi 6, distributed Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi & IoT convergence, and tri-band APs for hotels, supermarket chains, hospitals, schools,stadiums,and Public WiFi. These scenario-tailored solutions achieve high-quality access anytime, anywhere. The entire lifecycle, covering planning, deployment, O&M, and inspection, is cloudified to implement plug-and-play and fast deployment of the network, greatly reducing the OPEX of enterprises. CloudCampus supports multi-tenancy, automates service provisioning, and delivers visibility and intelligence to O&M, enabling campus as a service.

The cloud management platform of CloudCampus provides open APIs that third-party partners can use to develop apps as required. This capability makes it easier to provide a wealth of value-added services (VASs) for enterprises, improving the experience for enterprise customers and the competitiveness of services, and ultimately enabling operators to maximize B2B business value.

Customer Value


High-Quality Wi-Fi Coverage

All-scenario Wi-Fi coverage to deliver high-quality access anytime, anywhere


Cloud Management

Deployment accelerated from months to days, and OPEX greatly reduced by cloud O&M


Campus as a Service

Multi-tenancy to enable service provisioning in minutes, and O&M simplified with visibility and intelligence



Over 20 industry applications and more than 30 partners for VAS ecosystem

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