OceanProtect Backup Storage

OceanProtect Backup Storage

Huawei OceanProtect Backup Storage is a robust storage system offering the fastest recovery speed and driving the dedicated backup storage industry toward flash-to-flash-to-anything (F2F2X). It uses an E2E acceleration and an active-active architecture to quickly and reliably back up and restore data at a low TCO. OceanProtect has become a trusted choice for demanding scenarios in government, finance, carrier, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors.

Solution Highlights

  • Rapid Backup and Recovery

    E2E acceleration: The front-end Direct TCP/IP Offload Engine (DTOE) releases CPU resources, while the back-end parallel scheduling of multiple CPU cores implements core grouping and task partitioning, improving node processing performance.
    High bandwidth: Built with backup features, multiple sequential data streams are aggregated to greatly improve bandwidth performance. The backup and recovery bandwidths of the system reach up to 155 TB/hour and 172 TB/hour, respectively.
    Instant access: The system provides up to 480,000 IOPS and offers instant access to and quick utilization of backup image data.

  • Efficient Reduction

    Multi-layer deduplication: Precise chunking of backup data streams, aggregation preprocessing of backup data, and multi-layer inline variable-length deduplication improve effective capacity and reduce TCO.
    Feature-based reduction: Identifying data stream features and combining compression, high-performance predictive coding, and byte-level compaction increase the data reduction ratio.
    Expansion on demand: Users can start with small capacity and scale in small increments to reduce their initial system investment.

  • High Reliability

    Architecture: The active-active hardware architecture ensures failover within seconds without affecting backup services.
    Data: The RAID-TP technology tolerates simultaneous failures of up to three disks.
    Silent data consistency check: Protects data integrity and validity.

Product Information

  • OceanProtect X6000/X8000/X9000

    OceanProtect Backup Storage features premium performance, efficient reduction, stability, and reliability, helping users implement efficient data backup and reduce TCO.