The Huawei VoLTE solution evolves from CS to all-IP VoLTE networks to provide HD voice, HD video, and rich media services for subscribers. This solution retains and consolidates voice services and supports cloudfication.

The E2E Huawei VoLTE solution covers the IMS, EPC, CS, SDM, signaling, and LTE networks. Huawei has helped many carriers deploy commercial VoLTE networks, for example, the first eSRVCC-based commercial VoLTE network and the first NFV-based commercial VoLTE network. The Huawei VoLTE solution is the optimal choice for carriers.

Customer Value


More Than Voice

Provide feature services in addition to plain voice, such as EVS HD voice, H.265 HD video, rich media (RCS, UC, and CaaS), multi-screen and multi-device services for subscribers.


Smooth Network Evolution

Always optimal cloud-based solution for network evolution and provide unified service experience for subscribers using difference access modes, meanwhile reducing carrier CAPEX.


Easy Deployment

Less impacts on the existing network, such as CS and IT system. VoLTE networks can be flexibly and quickly deployed to facilitate VoLTE commercial use.

简化运维高效运维 (2)

Easy O&M

Bring carriers efficient O&M, such as visible E2E KPI monitoring, minute-level fault identification, second-level auto service provisioning, which help decreasing the OPEX.

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ICS800 600

ICS Solution

The ICS solution provides unified services experience for 2G/3G subscribers and IMS subscribers, and simplify network architecture and O&M.

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LTE Roaming

To achieve global LTE network interworking, Huawei provides the DEA solution to implement flexible routing interworking and protocol conversion and uses reliable security policies.

WiFi800 600


VoWiFi greatly improves indoor coverage, decreases air interface rent, provides a cost efficient roaming solution, and increases carrier competitiveness.



CloudCore is a core network virtualization solution that change core network NE architecture from dedicated hardware to general hardware through NFV, decoupling software and hardware

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