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5G RAN, Top Gear

With its leading hardware capabilities and software, Huawei’s 5G RAN portfolio for all scenarios aims to deliver the best network experiences, address the challenges faced by carriers regarding site deployment, spectrum acquisition, and user experience consistency, and help carriers accelerate large-scale 5G network rollout and improve network experience.

Business Value

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Sustained 5G Leadership

After 10 years of strong, dedicated research and development into fundamental technology, Huawei has launched the new-generation Massive MIMO series products, securing continuous leadership in engineering, performance, and energy conservation.
Huawei's innovative 5G algorithms ensure a leading network performance, deliver premium experiences of new services, and enable customers to achieve clear advantages.

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4G-5G Coordination, No-Edge Experience

Huawei's unique SuperBAND 2.0 solution ensures that subscribers can enjoy 5G data experience anytime and anywhere. Smart anchor enables 5G always-online. 100% VoLTE ensures continuous 5G voice experience in NSA and SA scenarios.

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Continuous LTE Capacity Evolution, Redefining Future Networks

Huawei LTE capacity solutions continue to evolve and lead the industry, redefining future networks. The solutions include triple low-band 4T4R, smart 8T8R, and smart Massive MIMO. These solutions are 5G-ready, increasing network capacity by 10-fold and delivering the best ROI.

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Scenario-based Deployment

For 5G deployment challenges of operators, such as limited space and load-bearing of the antenna, insufficient energy capacity on the existing network, and complicated installation engineering, Huawei adopts the innovative antenna, energy, and installation parts to realize simplified antenna, simplified energy, and simplified deployment, minimizes site reconstruction, and enables 5G rapid deployment at optimal costs.

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DIS Boost Indoor 5G

DIS Enables Simplified Indoor 5G Deployment and E2E Reduces TCO: All-in-One headend, all fiber architecture and intelligent energy saving E2E reduce indoor 5G deployment TCO;
All-Scenario DIS Solution Boost 5G Commercial Use: Huawei's series LampSite meet the requirements of different scenarios, accelerate the commercial use of 5G.

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5G technology rebuilt 5G microwave

5G requires large-capacity backhauling. To address these needs, Huawei has applied 5G technology to rebuilt microwave and specifically designed backhaul solutions for dense urban, urban, suburban, and high-traffic nodes. These solutions offer a bandwidth of up to 50 Gbit/s and increase the transmission distance by over 50%.

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