5G Monetization


5G Monetization

5G has outpaced 4G, and the first 5G operators have achieved business success. This lesson focuses on 5G business challenges that concern customers the most, such as those in optimizing packages to promote user migration and monetizing 5G network capabilities.

Industry experts will analyze, in simple terms, the latest global package and value-oriented operation cases, and discuss possible new opportunities for boosting 5G ARPU.


5G Monetization

Lecturer: Omdia

What new pricing dimensions are driving 5G packages towards multi-dimensional pricing?

What 5G monetization paths have been proven viable?

Part 1

June 13

Case Studies on 5G Development Among Operators in China

Lecturer: operator customer

How can we convert 5G's powerful cross-generation capabilities into differentiated services for consumers??

What is the new 5G monetization model behind 5G-powered live streaming?

Part 2

July 14

Value-oriented Operation

Lecturer: Huawei expert

What is value-oriented operation?

How can we monetize the value of 5G networks?

Part 3



Package Optimization

Which successful 5G packages can we learn from?

How can packages promote user migration and boost traffic?


Customer Cases

Creating value by guaranteeing experience for high-end users

Real-world commercial scenarios for live streaming monetization


Value-oriented Operation

What is value-oriented operation?

How can we monetize the value of 5G networks?


Takeaways and Insights


Leads research for Omdia on consumer 5G pricing and strategies

20+ years of experience on pricing strategies, 5G monetization strategies, telco innovations, and mobile roaming

Nicole McCormick

Senior Principal Analyst, Omdia

Business close loop from incubation to application and sales of innovative capabilities of emerging technologies like 5G, gigabit, and AI in market segments

Yue Liyun

China Unicom Guangdong branch public BG business
General Manager, Innovation and Niche Marketing Center

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