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This informative 5G Business Open Class offers series of lessons that address hot topics like 5G business monetization, innovative applications, and device ecosystems. You'll gain crucial insight into what makes a successful 5G business, and get the latest on 5G business trends and practices.

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5G business insights, ecosystem development, cases, and more

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New changes and opportunities to be condensed in about 15 minutes per session

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This informative 5G Business Open Class offers series of lessons that address hot topics like 5G business monetization, innovative applications, and device ecosystems. You'll gain crucial insight into what makes a successful 5G business, and get the latest on 5G business trends and practices.


5G Monetization

MAY 2023

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5G uplink live streaming
Value-oriented operation

5G Business Dialogue: Inspiration from Cases in China

AUG 2023

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5G user migration
5GtoB experiences in China

New 5G Applications with Huge Potential

DEC 2023

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Naked-eye 3D
New Calling
Cloud phone

Global 5G Business Success Stories


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Middle East
Asia Pacific

5G in South Korea

Previous course

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South Korea's 5G strategy
5G development experiences
ToC/ToB exploration
Press Releases

5G Monetization Gets A Boost With New Pricing Models

As global 5G adoption has proliferated and overtook 4G, operators everywhere now face a common question: How do we best design packages and pricing models to optimize monetization?

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Transitioning from 5Good to 5Great to maximize 5G revenue potential

China is at the forefront of developing the 5G ecosystem, leading to a significant increase in the revenue of all its three major service providers. The success of the country’s three major carriers demonstrates the revenue-growing potential of 5G technology.

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MWC Shanghai 2023: Innovation Practice of 5G City

At the 5G Business Dialogue Salon at Mobile World Congress 2023 in Shanghai, Wang Wensheng, General Manager of China Mobile Hangzhou, delivered a speech exploring the innovative practices of 5G Cities.

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Huawei’s 5G Business Dialogue Salon aims to promote 5G tech

During the 2023 MWC Shanghai, Huawei held the 5G Business Dialogue Salon, which aims to build a platform for in-depth industry exchanges and policy-seeking dialogues for carriers at home and abroad and jointly promote the further upgrading of the 5G industry. During the meeting, the participants reached a consensus that the commercial value of 5G has been initially realized in four years of commercial development. Currently, 5G has entered the "deep water zone".

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User Migration and Diverse Monetization Paths Ensure Faster and Improved 5G Monetization

The service providers have already started harvesting the fruits of 5G investments across the world and this has created a ‘certainty effect’, said Peng Song, President of Huawei’s ICT Strategy and Marketing, Huawei, at the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 recently.

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Huawei: Extending Business Frontiers in 5.5G Era

Huawei showcased leading technologies, new business opportunities, and industry progress in the 5.5G era on Day 2 of the MWC Barcelona 2023. The company aims to work with carriers and industry partners around the world to further the evolution of ICT infrastructure, lay the foundation for the 5.5G era, and build on the success of 5G for even greater prosperity.

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Establishing New Foundations For 5G Business Success

Advances in Fifth Generation (5G) services have transformed the viability of deploying wireless as a broadband solution. And as 5G commercialization gains momentum globally, carriers are mone-tizing their deployments, expanding business development opportunities and deploying commercial use cases. Success for operators is partly driven by expanding technology innovations, including 5G fixed wireless access (5G FWA) and further monetization of 5G network capabilities.

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Can fibre and Fixed Wireless Access coexist within 5G?

At Mobile World Congress 2023, Karim Benkirane, Chief Commercial Officer of UAE operator du, presented the relationship between fibre and 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) in his Keynote speech.

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How Thailand’s AIS Is Gearing Up for Industry 4.0 With Its 5G Capabilities

Recent advancements and the convergence of three important technologies: artificial intelligence, IoT and edge computing, will drive the fourth industrial revolution, reshaping industries and subsequently, consumer behavior. These three key drivers for what has been dubbed Industry 4.0 are very promising, given that they are mobile-based and intelligent, and will connect the physical, digital and virtual world for everyone. And this is why the race to 5G has continuously become more competitive, especially in Thailand, which has become among the most impressive 5G success stories in Southeast Asia.

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Sunrise’s Early 5G Commitment in Switzerland Bolsters 5G Leader position

When the time came for 5G spectrum allocation in Switzerland at the beginning of 2019, the country’s No. 2 operator was more than ready. Setting 5G as a strategic priority, Sunrise positioned itself to launch the country’s first commercial 5G network, getting a jump on competitors and driving innovation.

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Huawei held a 5G business dialogue Salon to work with operators to promote the re-upgrading of 5G industry

[Shanghai, China, June 27, 2023] During MWC 2023 Shanghai, Huawei held the "5G Business Dialogue Salon" aimed at domestic and foreign operators, Build a dialogue platform for in-depth industrial exchanges and seeking advice, and jointly promote the re-upgrading of the 5G industry. During the meeting, the participants reached a consensus that the commercial value of 5G has been initially realized in the four years of commercial development, and it has begun to enter the "deep water zone", and it is necessary to discuss how to further realize the 5G dividend and promote the re-upgrading of the 5G industry.

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5G 3 years = 4G 5 years, Operators Have Achieved Success after the 1st Round of 5G Deployment

[Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2023] Huawei has convened the 5G Business Success Summit at this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC). Peng Song, President of Huawei's ICT Strategy & Marketing, delivered a keynote speech titled "Diverse Paths to 5G Monetization, Accelerating 5G Business Success". In his speech, he noted that the achievements made by 5G in its first three years are equivalent to those that 4G made in its first five years, and that leading operators are already celebrating the success of the first round of 5G development, which has instilled a sense of certainty and confidence in the industry. 5G will thus sustain this success if its value can be further unleashed in ToC, ToH, and ToB sectors.

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MWC Barcelona 2023: Huawei Says Industry Cooperation Needed for Accelerating 5G Prosperity

[Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2023] Huawei Carrier BG President Li Peng, delivered a keynote speech today at MWC Barcelona 2023 on reimagining 5G business, reinforcing 5G coverage, and reinventing 5G technologies. In his speech, Li shared insights into user experience and recent 5G development. He said that the industry must work together to accelerate 5G prosperity.

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5G Business Success is Accelerating

[Bangkok, Thailand, October 25, 2022] The 5G Business Success Summit was successfully held today during the 13th Global Mobile Broadband Forum. Peng Song, President of Huawei ICT Strategy and Marketing, delivered an opening speech on "5G Business Success is Accelerating", and summarized that under the guidance of G.U.I.D.E. business blueprint, building a green and sustainable 5G network featuring ultimate Gigaverse experience, ultra-automation and easy maintenance, collaborative connection and computing services, differentiated multi-dimensional business monetization, and sustainable development. The three-year exploration has enabled carriers to accumulate business success cases and accelerate 5G network monetization, enabling a booming trend of 5G business acceleration.

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Continuous Innovation for 5G Business Success

[Bangkok, Thailand, October 26, 2022] During the 2022 Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF2022), Ritchie Peng, President of Huawei 5G Product Line, delivered an opening speech on "Continuous Innovation for 5G Business Success", Peng Honghua said: "The global 5G has been accelerating, and has reached the level of development that 4G has reached in first five years, within three years. Huawei has continuously invested in basic technology innovation, architecture innovation, and algorithm innovation to build industry-leading Massive MIMO products, helping operators and users build a win-win 5G network.

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Zhejiang Mobile, Jingyou Technology, and Huawei Jointly Release the New Calling Solution

[Shenzhen, China, July 21, 2022] During Win-Win Huawei Innovation Week, Zhejiang Mobile, Jingyou Technology, and Huawei jointly released an all-new calling solution — New Calling. This solution adopts the "1 platform + 3 capabilities + N services" architecture to redefine existing call services and provide individual users and industry customers with exceptional audio and video call experience.

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