Maximize User Value with Digitalized Journey


Maximize User Value with Digitalized Journey

By the end of 2018, 4 billion 2G users and under 50% MBB penetration remain worldwide. Huawei's digital user operations solution helps operators adapt their network to the market, with entry-level devices, precise user segmentation, package recommendations, and better operational efficiency. Huawei is committed to MBB user migration, increasing revenue for telcos.

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    Put Words to Action

    Pooled business and operations data enable policymaking for the coordinated development of market and network. Implementation of these policies reduces the existing cost structure by 50%.

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    Drive Digital Operation Transformation

    User migration is facilitated by traffic detection and signal processing for precise user segmentation, new retail models for entry-level devices, real-time contextual marketing, and channel efficiency improvement.

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Using a big data platform, HUAWEI SmartCare® customer experience analytics solution offers Per Service Per User (PSPU) data analysis capabilities on the basis of correlating the data of the Business Support System (BSS) and the Operations Support System (OSS) in the telecom network. Based on the practice of customer lifecycle management, helps to identify and rectify problems in operators' network and service processes, improve Network NPS, reduce churn, and discover new business opportunities.

HUAWEI SmartCare® SOC Solution enable CSPs to establish CPPP (Criteria, People, Process, Platform) based Service Operations Center (SOC), that help CSPs to transform from network centric operations to profit motivated & user centric service operations.

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