Software Business

5G is on. Software business enables carriers to transform towards digital acceleration, and achieve a digital ecosystem.

Business Value
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    Accelerates the 5G experience monetization and business closed-loop

    5G is on. With consistent research on the charging methods and standards in telecoms, Huawei has contributed major proposals for the 3GPP charging standard and designed experience-based charging factors, facilitating 5G service rollout and business closed-loop.

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    Creates a cloud-based architecture and enables agile operations

    Huawei has developed a cloud native, open, and intelligent operation software platform, which enables agile operations and lowers digitization barriers. The platform, developed based on the metadata-driven and microservice architecture, enables agile DevOps and supports continuous integration and continuous deployment and delivery (CI/CD).

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    Stimulates digital innovation and open a new revenue stream

    Huawei's strategic goal is to promote inclusive financial services, making it possible for financial services to interconnect with each other across service providers. As a new media digital service, HiShow (video Ringback Tone) drives carriers' service innovation and growth.

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    Jointly builds a symbiotic digital ecosystem

    Huawei continuously evolves digital value-added services toward long-term evolution (LTE) and network function virtualization (NFV).
    Huawei aggregates and opens global carriers' digital capabilities and resources (charging, data, message, voice, and IoT), and works with service partners to quickly build localized services for carriers.


  • 5G Monetization

    Leading standards: Contributes 45% of all 5G 3GPP R15 charging standards.
    Advanced technologies: Improves comprehensive performance of charging system more than 10-fold and supports over 1 billion connections.
    High scalability: Provides over 1000 charging factors to support fast rollout of multiple 5G services, such as Cloud X and fixed wireless access (FWA).

  • Cloud-based BSS

    Develops a cloud native business support system (BSS) based on open application programming interface (API) and microservice. It enables DevOps agile development.

  • IoT CEP Cloud

    Maximizes the management efficiency for massive connections to the IoT Connection Enablement Platform.

  • Mobile Money

    Enables carriers to innovate mobile payment and finance, and accelerates the growth of these services through payment joint-operation.

  • HiShow (Video Ringback Tone)

    Interconnects VoLTE service with the short video industry: Creates a revenue stream by seizing unlimited business opportunities during the 15-second call waiting period through eShow (enterprise show) and other scenarios.

  • inTouch Aggregator

    Connects global telecom carriers and business partners, aggregates digital capabilities and resources of global carriers, and makes them available for business partners to quickly develop localized services.

Success Stories

Huawei Enables HKT Customer-centric Digital Transformation

Peter Lam, Managing Director, Engineering of Hong Kong Telecom(HKT) shares their customer experience driven-approach to digital transformation. By continuously exploring customer journey, HKT finds the customer's pain points and searches solutions based on the pain points to achieve fast service TTM, which improves user experience and operation efficiency. Huawei helps HKT digital transformation projects and uses efficient development methods to enable HKT B2B service development.

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Huawei Online Charging Solution Makes Vodafone's Digital Transformation Possible

Frederic Vanoosthuyze, CIO of Vodafone Germany shares how Vodafone quickly respond to market changes and maintain its competitiveness during digital transformation. He stresses that digital transformation is a business transformation supported by technology and needs to be customer-centric. For example, RED+ data sharing jointly launched by Vodafone and Huawei is a successful practice of digital transformation in the revenue management based on customer requirements. This service brings many new users to Vodafone and greatly improves the NPS.

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M-Pesa, making the financial service easy and convenient in Safaricom

Launched by Safaricom, Kenya's leading mobile provider, M-Pesa is a mobile payment service that has brought the enjoyment and convenience of mobile payment to people. In its ten years of growth, M-Pesa has expanded from a person-to-person money transfer service to a payments service that people can use to pay for shopping, medical care, education, and many other things. It has become a household brand name in Kenya and one of the most successful examples of a mobile payment service in the world.

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