OPEX Optimization

Operating Expenditure (OPEX) Optimization is a system-level solution focusing on challenges that global carriers face, such as slow revenue growth, high operating costs, and low operational efficiency. It integrates Huawei and third-party product and service solutions, provides operation consulting, and involves wireless site modernization, data center consolidation and migration, ICT intelligent O&M, and digital customer management. With this solution, carriers can reduce their OPEX and improve operation efficiency.

Business Value
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    Optimizes Cost Structure

    Helps carriers optimize their operating cost structures and reduce expenses in rent, electricity, fuel, maintenance, and marketing through solutions at device-, site-, and network-levels.

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    Improves O&M Efficiency

    Enables visualized management of equipment through dumb equipments digitalization and replacement.
    Employs AI and big data technology to realize automatic and intelligent O&M.

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    Enhances Customer Experience

    Adopts digital customer management solution to reduce manual traffic, shorten the waiting time and average call duration, and improve the First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate.


  • Wireless Site Modernization

    Reduces energy consumption:
    · Adopts dynamic energy saving and intelligent temperature control solutions to save power.
    · Adopts the hybrid power solution to save fuel.
    Reduces site rentals:
    · Adopts multi-band antenna and indoor-to-outdoor solutions to reduce site rentals.

  • Data Center Consolidation and Migration

    Employs the hybrid cloud platform to manage private and public clouds seamlessly and unifiedly, distribute and recycle resources automatically, isolate network faults automatically, and locate and restore the faults efficiently.

  • ICT Intelligent O&M

    Helps carriers improve O&M efficiency and quality through the intelligent O&M platform, Operation Web Services (OWS) and Huawei's automatic & intelligent capabilities.

  • Digital Customer Management

    Adopts customer experience monetization, user behavior analysis, and channel digitization to improve marketing efficiency. Applies AI to reduce manual traffic through self-service, and big data analysis to improve service efficiency and operation & scheduling efficiency.