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Huawei builds 5G service and operations systems that help carriers innovate and monetize their services under new opportunities brought by 5G and cloud, innovates software cloud services, and collaborates with carriers and partners to digitalize various industries.

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Business Value
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    Promote 5G Service Innovation

    We help carriers open new markets for new media and digital services such as New Messaging and video ringback tone (VRBT), promoting carriers' service innovation and business growth.

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    Enable 5G Service Monetization

    We build open, cloud-native, and agile billing and operations platforms that support carriers to achieve agile operations and closed-loop business successes under 5G.

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    Facilitate Expansion into the Financial Market

    Mobile communication is reshaping the finance landscape. We help carriers make inroads into this trillion-dollar market and open new channels for revenue.

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    Digitalize Various Industries

    By exploring carriers' capabilities and assets, we build innovative cloud services, and work with carriers and partners to promote the digitalization of various industries.

Industry Recognition


  • Spotlight Interview

    What is needed for carriers to capture opportunities in the 5G vertical industry, and how 5G 2B operation systems enable carriers to monetize them? Maurice Ma, President of Huawei Software Business Unit, Huawei, shared his insight in Digital Transformation World Series 2020 held by TM forum.

  • Accelerate Industry Digitalization and Win-Win 5G ToB New Blue Ocean

    5G is gaining momentum and promoting industry digitalization. Huawei Software focuses on building new channels, new operations, and new business models to accelerate 5G business monetization and enable industry digitalization.

  • The Next-Generation Convergent Billing System Supports Monetization of Diversified Digital Services

    Convergence, cloud native, agility, openness, and intelligence — the 5 key capabilities that enable carriers to monetize 5G productivity beyond connectivity.

  • Huawei Cloud-native BSS Drives Business Success

    The cloud-native Huawei BSS solution supports various business models and flexible deployment approaches. This agile, open, efficient, and intelligent solution offers premium user experience and drives business success for customers.

  • Huawei AICC Enables Online Customer Services

    By integrating native, high-quality video of the telecom network and intelligence capabilities, Huawei AICC provides an all-online customer service solution for industry customers to expand the scope of their services, enhancing both user experience and work efficiency.

  • Huawei Mobile Money, an Inclusive Financial Solution

    Huawei brings digital finance to everyone and to every organization for a better life.

  • Video RBT, New Media

    The video RBT service provides video playback for users while they wait for a call to be answered. This is applicable in various B2C and B2B scenarios, and can revitalize carriers' RBT service through a range of business models.

  • New Messaging, New Entry

    5G is bringing revolutionary upgrade to messaging services for carriers. Huawei New Messaging provides a more convenient, dynamic messaging experience for users, and an efficient user entry for enterprises.


  • Huawei Convergent Billing Solution

    The next-generation convergent billing system helps carriers reduce costs and improve efficiency with leading 5G monetization practices and cloud-native technologies, enabling carriers to monetize 5G productivity beyond connectivity.

  • Huawei Cloud-native BSS

    The cloud-native Huawei BSS solution helps customers succeed in this digital era. Carriers are enabled to quickly enter various business scenarios, including B2C, B2B, IoT, and 5G. Huawei BSS offers quick service rollouts, intelligent and efficient O&M, an open ecosystem, and premium user experience.

  • 5G ToB operation CSMF+

    CSMF+ is an integrated operation platform for services including 5G slices, private lines, and cloud-network amongst others. It provides capabilities such as offering and opportunity management, subscription, provisioning and enterprise self-service. It can fully meet ToB operation requirements in the 5G era.

  • Huawei AICC Beyond Customer Service

    Huawei Artificial Intelligence Contact Center (AICC) is a next-generation solution that builds an industry ecosystem around the voice call center while integrating new features such as real-time video interaction and intelligence. Voice, video, and messaging establish a three-in-one communication channel between enterprises and users, improving user experience and efficiency.

  • Huawei Mobile Money

    We help carriers build an open, cloud-based, and intelligent mobile financial platform to promote cashless digital industries. Huawei Mobile Money has provided services for 300 million users under more than 30 carriers worldwide. In 2020, it processed over US$300 billion in transactions.

  • Huawei VRBT Service

    Huawei's video RBT service replaces ordinary RBTs with videos, offering a new channel of media for carriers. Video RBT can help improve call experience. Targeting both B2C and B2B business, it provides carriers with an innovative way to monetize voices for success.

  • Huawei New Messaging

    Huawei New Messaging is a new upgrade of messaging services for carriers. With more comprehensive media and stronger interaction, messaging is not only more efficient and convenient, but it can carry services in addition to notifications. Huawei New Messaging builds new channels for user services and marketing in various industries, helping carriers regain their advantages in native messaging entry.

  • inTouch Aggregator

    Connects global telecom carriers and business partners, aggregates digital capabilities and resources of global carriers, and makes them available for business partners to quickly develop localized services.

Success Stories

  • Thailand AIS Works with Huawei to Build a Leading 5G SA Monetization Platform

    Mr. Chaiwat Suttenon, Head of IT & Services Platform Management Department of Thailand Advanced Info Service (AIS), shares the key factors for Huawei's next-generation 5G charging system to quickly support AIS 5G SA network monetization and 5G service development.

  • China Mobile Partners with Huawei to Build the World's Largest IoT Support Platform

    Liang Enlei from Information Technology Center of China Mobile, shares the practices of China Mobile's IoT support system in the 5G era, and his views on the development of 5G 2B services.

  • Development and Challenges in Mobile Finance

    Technology is a rapid driver of growth in mobile finance services. Huawei Mobile Money utilizes a 3-pronged approach (Super App, fission marketing, and diversified monetization) to help carriers quickly acquire new users, increase transactions, and transform their business models.

  • Huawei Online Charging Solution Makes Vodafone's Digital Transformation Possible

    Frederic Vanoosthuyze, CIO of Vodafone Germany, shares how Vodafone quickly responds to market changes and maintains its competitiveness during digital transformation. He stresses that digital transformation is a business transformation supported by technology and needs to be customer-centric.

  • Early Transformation of the Banking Industry

    Mike DeNoma, CEO of KBZ, shares the story behind the success of their KBZ services in Myanmar.

  • M-PESA Africa Inclusive Finance Story

    M-Pesa Africa (MPA) CEO Sitoyo Lopokoiyit shares the story behind the success of their MPA services.

  • 5G toB operation CSMF+

    CSMF+ is an integrated operation platform for services including 5G slices, private lines, and cloud-network amongst others. It provides capabilities such as offering and opportunity management, subscription, provisioning and enterprise self-service.It can fully meet toB operation requirements in the 5G era.

  • Huawei AICC

    Huawei AICC provides a comprehensive solution which integrates multiple access channels, such as voice, video, email, SMS, social media, web, app, and intelligent robot agent, enabling multi-channel collaboration cability, it greatly improves customer service work efficiency and user experience.