FireHunter6000 sandbox series

Huawei FireHunter 6000 series sandbox detects unknown malicious files through credit scanning, real-time behavior analysis, big data-based correlation analysis, and cloud-end technologies. Based on the results, Huawei FireHunter detects, blocks, and visualizes suspicious traffic streams, effectively preventing the spread of unknown threats and protecting business’s core information assets.

Comprehensive, rapid, and accurate detection of advanced malicious files:

  • Simulates system environments and comprehensively detects 20+ types of malware vehicles to reduce false negatives and prevent unknown malware threats.
  • Detects zero-day attacks in web traffic to ensure Internet traffic security.
  • Uses multi-dimensional analysis methods, such as code analysis, dynamic execution, and intelligent behavior analysis, to reduce false positives.
  • Implements multi-layer in-depth detection and responds to malware and unknown threats within seconds.