Eudemon200E-G/Eudemon1000E-G Next-Generation Firewall


Eudemon200E-G/Eudemon1000E-G Next-Generation Firewall

Eudemon200E-G and Eudemon1000E-G series firewalls are AI-based firewalls provided by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. for telecom carriers.As a new-generation firewall product of Huawei, Eudemon200E-G and Eudemon1000E-G series firewalls are based on the security detection and handling capabilities of traditional NGFWs, can collaborate with other network security devices such as the security analyzers (CIS and sandbox) and security controller (SecoManager), and use AI technology to effectively detect and proactively defend against advanced threats. The product uses a network processing chip developed by Huawei and a built-in acceleration engine. It supports pattern matching and encryption/decryption acceleration, which significantly improves the processing performance of the product for content security detection and IPSec services and provides comprehensive security protection for carriers' networks.

Innovative Chip
New dedicated security chip and built-in acceleration engine improve processing performance to double the industry average.

Advanced threat detection, based on AI technology associated with the cloud, provides accuracy greater than 99%.

High Density
High integration doubles the number of interfaces and allows flexible access at a low cost.