ME60 - Huawei

ME60 Series Overview

The ME60 consists of a range of multi-service control gateways developed by Huawei to serve as broadband network gateways (BNGs) for broadband service access and service provider nodes on IP/MPLS networks.

As a high-performance service management and provisioning platform, the ME60 fully meets the requirements of various service operating modes and ensures stability and reliability while carrying multiple services. The ME60 supports smooth upgrades for evolution towards cloud-based user management, meeting carriers' requirements for future evolution to intelligent, broadband IP networks.

The ME60 series includes devices that are applicable to networks of different scales: ME60-X8A and ME60-X16A.

    Leading Performance

  • Multi-service access: supports PPPoE, IPoE, and L2TP for user access.
  • Large capacity: supports 800G high-performance broadband access boards, 400G large-capacity CGN service boards, and up to 1 million concurrent users per device, meeting requirements for rapidly growing broadband services and laying a solid foundation for broadband evolution.
  • Powerful Multi-Service Transport

  • Multi-service transport: supports flexible deployment of multiple services, such as EVPN, L2VPN, L3VPN, MVPN, SR-MPLS, and SRv6.
  • Value-added services: works with the service platform to provide value-added services such as intelligent acceleration through EDSG technologies, equipping networks with monetization capabilities.
  • Smooth evolution to cloud-based networks: centrally manages BNG services on the cloud-based plane through software upgrade, optimizing network resources.
  • Intelligent O&M, Moving Towards Autonomous Driving Networks

  • Innovative In-situ Flow Information Telemetry (iFIT) technology: enables in-band flow detection within milliseconds, accurately restores service paths, and works with iMaster NCE to implement correlation analysis for service experience and network KPIs, allowing faults to be intelligently demarcated within minutes.
  • Efficient O&M: supports RFC 2544- and Y.1564-compliant tests for measuring network performance through simulated and self-sent packets, as well as one-click automated O&M tools, helping carriers simplify O&M and minimize OPEX.