ME60 - Huawei


ME60 Multiservice Control Gateway

Huawei ME60 series Multiservice Control Gateway is perfect as service point of presence (SPOP) of IP/MPLS network and BRAS node of broadband service access by delivering industry-leading performance, monetized capabilities and excellent service evolution to boost the operator’s service development.

As a high performance service management and offering platform, ME60 can meet various requirements for service operating models. While bearing multi services, ME60 can ensure smooth and reliable various telecommunication services. Based on the ME60 and its solutions, carriers can construct a future-oriented and intelligent broadband IP network which can greatly reduce the TCO of the network.

Leading Performance and Access capability

The ME60 platform can support 480G per slot access line card and the industry's largest capacity 160G CGN service board; ME60 has largest concurrent subscribers up to 1M subscribers per chassis which provide the most flexibility to meet different requirements in ultra-bandwidth era. In addition, ME60 can provide Unique BNG Pool solution which ensures service always online. Wi-Fi gateway enhancement feature can increase numbers of Wi-Fi hotspots and users to improve profitability of Carriers.

Excellent Experienced

The powerful session setup rate is up to 300 users/s per slot and up to 1000 users/s per chassis, meanwhile the NAT Session setup rate is up to 2M/s with CGN board deliver the reliable nonstop services and excellent experience.

Monetized Capabilities

Value-added feature improve customers’ experience of IPTV or OTT video service.ME60 supports abundant IPv6 access technologies and large capacity CGN solution which can solve the lack of IPv4 addresses, and provide comprehensive IPv4 to IPv6 smooth evolution solutions. Value-added services such as intelligent boost create the monetization opportunities.

Strong Connective Capacity and Investment Protection

The ME60 has strong connective capacity with various joint interface types including COA, Diameter, COPS etc. The ME60 platform can support various rate port types from 64Kbps to 100Gbps which provide the most flexibility to meet different requirements. The traditional network could be migrated by utilizing the existing old devices for convenient ALL-IP unified platform evolution with various rate ports capability.

Efficient OAM features

With supporting efficient and precise performance measurement and test technologies such as IP FPM, TWAMP, RFC2544, G.8032 and automated operation and maintenance tools, ME60 can help to simplify the OAM and save the OPEX to a great extent. Besides, the ISP can monitor the network status in real time through the NMS. The ISP then check whether the forwarding capacity of the network complies with the service.

Sustainable leading BNG market

According to third party organization, Huawei BRAS was awarded first market share, continuing to lead the BNG market. ME60 has been deployed in global leading operators such as Vodafone Italy, Vodafone Germany, Jazztel Spain, Telefonica O2, Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Telecom Malaysia, Etisalat UAE, Philippine Globe, Russia Volga Telecom China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, etc.