Data communication product line covers the backbone, metro, and mobile backhaul networks. Large-capacity backbone networks that are highly scalable and reliable work together with smart, minimalistic, and scalable metro and mobile backhaul networks to realize future-proof networks that can bear multiple services with high quality at massive bandwidth, helping carriers reduce their OPEX and improve user experience. Data communication product line provides products and services for 35 of the top 50 leading carriers, including France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, BT, Telefonica, SingTel, Etisalat, KPN, and Vodafone group, as well as the top 3 carriers in China.


  • NE9000 Series Converged Core Router

    NetEngine9000 series core router (NE9000), the industry's largest capacity core router, is Huawei's flagship core router created for the Cloud Internet Era.

  • NetEngine 8000 Series Router

    The NetEngine 8000 is designed to meet the requirements of diversified services and numerous connections in the cloud era.

  • NE40E Universal Service Router

    NE40E is a high-end network product released by Huawei primarily used in IP backbone networks, IP MAN and various other large-scale IP network edge positions.

  • ME60 Multiservice Control Gateway

    Huawei ME60 series Multiservice Control Gateway is perfect as service point of presence (SPOP) of IP/MPLS network and BRAS node of broadband service access.

  • CX600 Metro Services Platform

    CX600 is Huawei's router product designed in line with mobile bearer network requirements that focus on the aggregation layer or core layer of mobile bearer networks.

  • ATN multi-service access router

    ATN series is multi-service transport access-layer products that meet the GE/10GE/25GE site-to-site requirements. Provides 50GE/100GE interfaces, large-capacity, and multi-service interfaces. Supports new features such as SR/SRv6, EVPN, FlexE, and 1588v2 high-precision clock. ATN products include ATN 905 series, ATN 910 series, and ATN 950 series. They work with CX600, NE40E, and NetEngine 8000 series to build an end-to-end routing integrated bearer solution.

  • SPTN Series

    The SPTN series includes access, aggregation, and core products, with improved the capacity and bandwidth and support for mobile-transport functions such as segment routing and FlexE to meet the development and differentiated requirements of mobile bearer networks.

  • NetEngine AR Series Enterprise Router

    Integrating rich service features such as routing, switching, 5G, VPN, security, and MPLS, and provides diversified enterprise router products for different industries, scales, and application scenarios.