NE40E - Huawei


NE40E Universal Service Router

NE40E is a high-end network product released by Huawei primarily used in IP backbone networks, IP MAN and various other large-scale IP network edge positions. NE40E delivers extensive service types and reliable service quality, simplifies network architectures and is the powerhouse for IP/MPLS bearer networks towards broadband, multiservice and intelligent growth. Based on a full-service, evolving and integrated carrier-class platform, NE40E provides operators with superior IP networking solutions, easily addressing differentiated user needs as well as the broadband demands from ever-changing services and rapid growth.

High Capacity, Full-Service, Enhanced Network Value

NE40E features powerful service bearer capabilities with support for ultra-high capacity 480G/1T interface line cards and 160G CGN service board for flexible deployment of L2VPN, L3VPN, multicast, multicast VPN, MPLS-TE, QoS and more for reliable carrier-class service carrying. NE40E also features CGN, IPSec, video enhancement and more to fully meet demand for extensive FMC service bearer.

Forward-Thinking, Smooth Evolution, Investment Protection

NE40E employs the latest scalable platform to meet demand for broadband growth for the next 5-10 years, protecting investments to the maximum extent. NE40E is compatible with conventional services and can fully utilize both new and old network equipment. NE40E adopts an energy-efficient design with a single GE port for power consumption of less than 0.9W for energy savings at the forefront of the industry. NE40E fully supports IPv6, meeting operator demands for smooth evolution to IPv6.

Integrated Platform, Efficient Operations, Low TCO

NE40E is based on a unified software-hardware platform with a series of products that primarily include the NE40E-X16A, NE40E-X16, NE40E-X8A, NE40E-X8, NE40E-X3A, NE40E-X3, NE40E-X2-M16A, NE40E-X2-M16, NE40E-X2-M8A, NE40E-X2-M8, NE40E-X1-M4, NE40E-M2E, NE40E-M2F and NE40E-M2H to meet deployment needs in different scenarios to help customers simplify MAN hierarchy. With multi-platform intelligence as needed, NE40E can support rapid service provisioning.

With efficient and precise O&M detection and measurement technology, such as IP FPM, TWAMP, and RFC2544, NE40E can help operators visualize O&M and rapidly position faults for significantly reduced network maintenance costs.

NE40E's superior OAM features support for efficient operations and maintenance with visual O&M and rapid fault locating for significantly reduced network maintenance costs.

Large-capacity Line Cards, Commercial-Grade SDN, Meets Future Network Development Trends

  • Large capacity: Industry's first 1T routing line card, winner of the INFOVISON Award
  • High reliability: Fully redundant hardware design; BFD minimum packet forwarding interval of 3.3ms; connects to rich protocols/services; greatly reduces lengthy service convergence times from network failure.
  • Green: Verified by well-known third-party testing agency EANTC; power consumption <0.9W/G
  • Commercial SDN: RR+/PCE+ solutions intelligently adjust network bandwidths; already in use at China Unicom / Tencent
  • O&M upgrade: Original IP FPM technology enables real-time monitoring of network service delays, packet loss, and jitter information; test results are displayed graphically, giving a real-time network status update. The IP FPM technology can support hop-by-hop detection and network fault locating within minutes. The IP FPM technology significantly reduces network O&M difficulties and costs.