NetEngine 5000E cluster router


NetEngine 5000E cluster router

The NetEngine 5000E cluster router is Huawei's super core router designed for Internet backbone nodes, metro core nodes, DCI nodes, and Internet bearer nodes. The NetEngine 5000E adopts advanced fabric architecture and a distributed, scalable software platform to deliver a massive switching capacity and ultra-high forwarding performance, meeting bandwidth performance, service quality and capability needs for the next generation of the Internet.

NetEngine 5000E hardware consists of two parts: cluster central chassis (CCC) and cluster line chassis (CLC). The CLC applies to high-speed user and service access and can operate in single-chassis mode and cluster mode; the CCC applies to cluster systems, connecting the CLC control plane to the data plane to enable multiple CLC logical connections for unified system management and controls. The NetEngine 5000E cluster system supports single-chassis and multiple cluster modes, such as back-to-back clusters and 2+8 clusters.

Product Features

Innovative ISHE technology

The NetEngine 5000E achieves smooth cluster expansion without service interruption through innovative In-Service Hardware Expansion (ISHE) technology. Thanks to its flexible scalability, the NetEngine 5000E meets operator demands for sustainable business growth. The cluster high-speed photon card supports flexible on-demand configuration, while the exchange-chip mode features in-service dynamic configuration. ISHE enhances cluster system reliability while delivering maximum protection for original hardware investments.

Advanced back-to-back design

Huawei released the world's first NetEngine 5000E back-to-back cluster system in 2006, which eliminated the CCC to save on-floor space and power consumption while lowering user network TCOs. With a long operational life and support for high cross-chassis switching reliability and smooth upgrades to multi-chassis clusters, back-to-back clustering is today's number one dual-chassis cluster system mode.

Carrier-class reliability

For device-level protection, the NetEngine 5000E adopts a passive backplane design with hot swap and hot backup for all key components and status-based hot swap and NSR while delivering hot patch technology and smooth software upgrades.

For network-level protection, the NetEngine 5000E delivers IGP fast convergence, IP/LDP/TE fast rerouting (FRR) and automatic FRR for various routing protocols, and protection mechanisms, such as VRRP, BFD, and inter-board link bundling trunk to guarantee stable, reliable network-wide operations and achieve system reliability of up to 99.999%.

Smart forward-thinking technology

The NetEngine 5000E platform is forward-thinking. Based on the SDN-based technology architecture, it supports new backbone network smart service tuning technology to smoothly meet operator networking needs in the SDN era, and supports network virtualization, efficient network operations, and development for cloud era applications.


NetEngine 5000E is a truly eco-friendly cluster router with a green design that permeates throughout NetEngine 5000E's entire life cycle. Thermal efficiency is greatly improved by adopting leading cooling technology, lowing cooling power consumption by 40%. Additionally, it utilizes new materials and a compact design with no special ground bearing requirements, which allows for quick deployment and cost savings on equipment room renovation work. NetEngine 5000E clusters are a shining example of green design, deployment and operations.

Intelligence and simplicity, Improving O&M efficiency

Powered by Network Cloud Engine (NCE) , the future-proof NetEngine 5000E platform provides intelligent solutions, including network automation, service-level SLA visualization and guarantee, network-wide traffic balancing, and proactive routing security. In addition, in terms of network protocols, SRv6 can replace LDP, RSVP-TE and GRE on the live network. The transport network runs the unified protocols to establish seamlessly connections, which reduces the configuration workload. The NetEngine 5000 with NCE and SRv6 helps operators improve O&M efficiency and build cutting-edge intelligent IP backbone networks.

Powerful forwarding capability

Single slot supports a 1Tbps forwarding capability.

Industry-leading clustering capabilities

Non-blocking switching network architecture supports clusters of up to 2+8 and cluster capacities of over 128Tbps.

Innovative ISHE

The NetEngine 5000E adopts innovative ISHE technology for smooth cluster expansion without service interruption or hardware replacement.

Energy-saving design

NetEngine 5000E's core chipset design adopts 16nm processing, which combines chip and bus smart tuning as well as dynamic memory access technology to lower power consumption per bit. Additionally, it utilizes new materials and a compact design with no special ground bearing requirements, which allows for rapid deployment and cost savings on equipment room renovation.