NCE (IP Domain)


NCE (IP Domain)

iMaster NCE (IP Domain) centrally manages, controls, and analyzes IP devices such as NE, ATN, CX, and PTN series NEs in a unified manner. Ideal for IP private line, IP core, 5G transport, and metro network scenarios, it provides functions such as device plug-and-play and service automation to enable automated full-lifecycle network management and maintenance. With real-time monitoring of network traffic and quality, iMaster NCE (IP Domain) leverages big data analytics to identify network trends in real time and implement proactive maintenance and closed-loop optimization through service control and optimization.

Key Features

Automated Service Provisioning

NCE (IP Domain) abstracts forwarders and services to provide unified, standard network-level service interfaces for self-provisioning of mainstream services, such as EVPN, L3VPN, and PWE3 services. It provides multiple templates for service configuration and supports automatic parameter verification, effectively improving the service provisioning efficiency. Service-driven tunnel creation also helps to significantly reduce the time required to provision services. During service provisioning, NCE (IP Domain) centrally computes paths and overlays path computation results on a mapping service like Google Maps to facilitate decision making on optimal paths. For VPN services, NCE (IP Domain) provides one-click connectivity checks and supports BOD and QoS profiles.

Network Optimization

NCE (IP Domain) enables bandwidth resources to be fully utilized across the entire IP network. It collects information about the traffic bandwidth and direction of links in real time, analyzes the distribution of service traffic, and displays information about traffic distribution and network resource usage, providing the data needed for on-demand traffic steering.

Intelligent Online Simulation

By simulating faults on key NEs and links, NCE (IP Domain) analyzes the impact of possible network changes on services. It also compares and analyzes network-wide traffic, load, and tunnel paths before and after a fault occurs. This helps O&M personnel clearly understand the impact scope and evaluate the risks of devices and links, and formulate appropriate capacity expansion policies and maintenance measures to improve service reliability.

Intelligent Analysis and Forecast

NCE (IP Domain) uses the ARIMA and BOOSTING algorithms to build traffic models based on historical network traffic data. It forecasts traffic and bandwidth usage for the coming months based on traffic curves obtained from big data analytics, providing effective means for network capacity evaluation. This allows carriers to identify network bottlenecks before they occur, plan their networks accordingly, and expand network capacity both proactively and precisely.