iMaster NCE-IP

iMaster NCE-IP

With the advent of the "intelligent IP network" era, technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and cloud private line are becoming widespread, triggering explosive growth of network traffic. As more and more industries get networked, a diversity of online services come into being. Such changes pose new challenges to network agility, real-time performance, reliability, and assurance. To meet users' differentiated service requirements, carrier networks must possess strict SLA assurance, higher automation and intelligence levels, and faster network traffic scheduling.
For the IP domain, iMaster NCE provides capabilities such as Path Computing Element, intelligent O&M, and Agile Open Container (AOC) to automatically schedule network traffic, helping carriers build next-generation E2E intelligent IP networks.

Use Cases

Path Computing Element

As a variety of services, such as 5G and cloud, are rapidly developing, operators find themselves in urgent need of an automated network that can satisfy stringent SLAs. Huawei launched Path Computing Element to automatically schedule network traffic throughout the lifecycle, helping customers build next-generation automated IP networks.

• Visualized digital map of the entire network: displays multidimensional indicators such as latency and bandwidth utilization in real time. The latency circle function helps users with precise service planning

• Navigation-like path computation: automatically plans network paths to meet differentiated SLA requirements

• Minutes-level automatic optimization: offers continued SLA assurance

Built on 3 core technologies — path computation based on combination of 15+ factors, multi-vendor device control, and management of millions of tunnels — Path Computing Element truly implements network-wide control and E2E path management, unleashing the value of automated networks.


• TWAMP / IFIT is combined with Telemetry — which reports network data in real time — to detect network and service status in minutes, thereby ensuring service experience

• iMaster NCE identifies anomalies in 2500+ KPIs from four major categories. Its intelligent knowledge graph makes it possible to quickly locate congestion and determine root causes

• Thanks to a high-precision network map, network changes are instantly detected. One-click scheduling relieves link congestion in minutes

Agile Open Container (AOC)

Facing severe network O&M challenges, the open programmable system is based on the YANG model to provide E2E open programmable capabilities, including device driver programmability, network service programmability, and open device and service northbound interfaces. In addition, the open programmable system provides a security and reliability guarantee mechanism.

• AOC automatically generates standard northbound APIs and southbound device configuration scripts based on YANG models. Consequently, E2E services can be automatically provisioned in just a few minutes.

• Carriers can customize service YANG models and leverage simplified programming to quickly develop and launch new services, achieving agile development goals: 1-week prototyping, 1-month PoC, and 1-quarter commercialization.

• AOC shields the underlying implementation logic, enabling O&M personnel to focus on developing new services. Instead of being only involved in O&M, they can now don the designer hat.

For more information, visit the Datacom Network Open Programmability Developer Community.