iMaster NCE (IP Domain)

iMaster NCE (IP Domain)

iMaster NCE (IP Domain) centrally manages, controls, and analyzes IP devices such as NE, ATN, CX, and PTN series NEs in a unified manner. Ideal for IP private line, IP core, mobile transport, and metro network scenarios, it provides functions such as device plug-and-play and service automation to enable automated full-lifecycle network management and maintenance. With real-time monitoring of network traffic and quality, iMaster NCE (IP Domain) leverages big data analytics to identify network trends in real time and implement proactive maintenance and closed-loop optimization through service control and optimization.

Use Cases

Network SLA Visualization

Through unified, reliable, and distributed southbound data collection, NCE provides real-time visibility into masses of data and monitors SLA performance at the NE, link, and service levels. It collects performance data at certain intervals (such as 1, 5, or 15 minutes). It also supports various collection protocols, including Telemetry, Qx, and SNMP. Of these, Telemetry can collect huge volumes of data in seconds, enabling NCE to detect network changes in real time.

After collecting the performance data, NCE displays it in multiple ways (such as dashboard, traffic quality map, and various reports), helping O&M personnel visualize network SLAs and understand the network status in real time.

Centralized Path Computation

Based on collected network information, NCE deploys tunnels. It then uses the collected tunnel inventory information and Layer 3 topology to centrally compute paths for TE tunnels based on preset optimization policies. If network changes occur, NCE adjusts tunnel paths based on real-time bandwidth or fault convergence.

MPLS network optimization, Huawei's innovative path computation algorithm, can optimize network-wide paths for optimal bandwidth usage. Centralized local management of bandwidth resources simplifies service establishment on path computation clients (PCCs) and reduces the bandwidth conflicts caused by distributed computation.

Open Programmability

In the agile cloud era, SDN-based automated service deployment and fast, agile, automated, and intelligent service O&M are key for carriers and enterprises to build their core competitiveness.

NCE provides an open programmable framework for customers to customize network services based on their O&M habits and requirements. They can also deploy and provision network services as they see fit. This framework provides one-stop device management and control as well as service provisioning in multi-vendor scenarios.