IP Metro and Backbone Networks


IP Metro and Backbone Networks

With the development of services such as video and 5G, the traditional metro network encounters capacity and architecture bottlenecks. Carriers expect to introduce a new network architecture and simple O&M system to implement hierarchical network visualization and intelligent O&M based on IT experience.

By simplifying protocols and abstracting pipes into technology-agnostic programmable connections, iMaster NCE (IP Domain) uses a unified SR/EPVN model for service transmission and enables service provisioning within minutes. The AI-based intelligent O&M improves the utilization of network resources by 30% through proactive traffic optimization. It also provides guidance for precisely expanding network capacity up to three months in advance based on traffic forecasts.

Use Cases

MPLS Network Optimization

NCE (IP Domain) uses the innovative Routing Optimization Algorithm Based on Matrix (ROAM) algorithm to provide unified management, real-time analysis, and centralized path computation for MPLS TE networks. It computes E2E optimal paths for MPLS TE tunnels based on factors such as bandwidth, delay, cost, and priority to ensure optimal service paths and globally balanced traffic distribution. It also provides differentiated service management to ensure that high-priority services are scheduled first.

IP Network Optimization

NCE (IP Domain) enables bandwidth resources to be fully utilized across the entire IP network. It collects information about the traffic bandwidth and direction of links in real time, analyzes the distribution of service traffic, and displays information about traffic distribution and network resource usage, providing the data needed for on-demand traffic steering.

Intelligent Online Simulation

NCE (IP Domain) parses the existing network, configuration, and traffic information, restores the entire network topology and protocols, and analyzes the impact of network changes on services by simulating faults on key NEs and links. It also compares and analyzes network-wide traffic, load, and tunnel paths before and after a fault occurs. This helps O&M personnel clearly understand the impact scope and evaluate the risks of devices and links, and formulate appropriate capacity expansion policies and maintenance measures to improve service reliability.

Intelligent Analysis and Forecast

NCE (IP Domain) uses the AI algorithm to build traffic models based on historical traffic data and forecasts traffic over the next one to three months based on traffic curves obtained from big data analytics. With accuracy of over 80%, NCE (IP Domain) can forecast bandwidth usage and the time when link capacity will reach the bandwidth usage threshold, providing effective means for network capacity evaluation. This allows carriers to identify network bottlenecks before they occur, perform network planning accordingly, and expand network capacity proactively and precisely.