iMaster NCE-Super

iMaster NCE-Super

NCE (Super), a core component of Huawei's NCE network automation platform, implements hybrid network service automation and optimization across network layers, domains, and vendors, helping you design and deliver high-quality services more quickly and conveniently. It applies to a wide range of scenarios, including B2B private line, IP+optical synergy, and cloud-network synergy scenarios.

Key Features

Open Intent API

Shields network complexity, simplifies network parameters, and accelerates OSS or Orchestrator integration.

Model-driven Design

Accelerates the development and deployment of new revenue-generating services by creating different basic models and assembling E2E service templates.

Multi-Domain and Multi-Layer Collaboration

Optimizes service quality by avoiding human errors and repeated manual operations. The orchestration engine and SLA guarantee enable E2E automation and self-optimization of 2B private line services, while IP+optical synergy enables E2E multi-layer optimization and simulation.

Cloud-Network Synergy

Multi-cloud pre-integration enables one-stop cloud-network interconnection.

No Vendor Lock-in

NCE quickly integrates third-party controllers and NMSs by providing the MV integration framework and plug-ins.