iMaster NCE (Super) implements service automation and optimization on hybrid networks across network layers, domains, and vendors. It helps you design and deliver high-quality services in a fast, convenient manner. As a core component of Huawei's NCE network automation platform, NCE (Super) is ideally suited for a wide variety of scenarios, such as B2B private line, IP+optical synergy, and cloud-network synergy scenarios.

Key Features

Open Intent-based NBIs

NCE (Super) provides intent-based NBIs to simplify parameters and services and accelerate integration with OSSs, orchestrators, and apps. These NBIs are compatible with IETF, MEF, and other standard interfaces and support open programmability and DevOps.

E2E Service Automation and Optimization

NCE (Super) provides E2E topology restoration and visualization based on intents and models for multi-domain multi-layer service design and provisioning. With cloud-network synergy and flexible combination of atomic capabilities, it allows architecture cascading and supports smooth expansion of ultra-large networks.

Agile Southbound Integration Framework

NCE (Super) provides open and standard SBIs to support multiple vendors and protocols.