iMaster NCE (Transport Domain)

iMaster NCE (Transport Domain)

In the cloud era, millions of enterprises are moving to the cloud, raising requirements on private line service provisioning, experience, and self-service capabilities. For example, some customers require fast private line provisioning, whereas some require ultra-low private line latency, and others require real-time adjustment of private line bandwidth to deal with the traffic changes caused by bursty services and key events. Therefore, in addition to providing premium optical private line services, it is imperative to have a full-lifecycle, automated, and intelligent system that supports optical network evolution towards ultra broadband, ultra simplicity, and intelligence. This system should cover planning and design, resource deployment, service provisioning, service assurance, as well as analysis and optimization.

NCE integrates network management, control, and analysis in the optical domain, and provides features such as latency map, availability map, OTSN, optical network resource assurance, service SLA analysis, key service assurance, as well as optical network health assurance and forecast.

Use Cases

Latency Map

Based on the latency measurement technology of physical boards with Huawei-developed chips, precision can reach 0.1ms. The latency of private lines can be sensed, sold, committed, and guaranteed, enabling monetization of latency performance.

Availability Map

Calculate the service availability based on factors such as fibers, sites, and service protection to implement quantitative evaluation and optimization of service availability and enable commercial monetization of availability.


Based on the intelligent OTSN (Optical Transmission Slicing Network) capability, an OTN network is logically sliced for multiple times to meet different government and enterprise service requirements, transforming the government and enterprise private line business model to the government and enterprise private network business model.

CPE Plug and Play

Based on the intelligent sensing and computing capabilities of software and hardware, CPE boxes can be automatically discovered by remote NCE, automatically configured, and automatically generated services. This reduces software commissioning and cross-team collaborative configuration, greatly improving CPE go-online efficiency.

Agile Service Provisioning

Displays private line resources in the form of shelves, and provides E2E provisioning of private line services in seconds. Users can adjust bandwidth, achieving fast innovation of new services and improving operation efficiency by 60%. Supports Legacy + SDN networks, which are compatible with inventory networks. Simplifies the service mode, reduces the workload of interconnecting with the BSS/OSS by 50%, and accelerates service innovation.

LSA Visualization and Assurance

Breaks the black-box mode, provides real-time visualization of private line SLAs and self-service mode for tenants. Private line KPIs, such as fault time, latency, and packet loss rate, can be perceived in real time. Assurance of private line SLA operation and proactive service care are provided, improving user experience.

Resource Visualization

Based on NCE's unified data foundation, completes aggregation analysis and automatic reconciliation in minutes to implement real-time visualization of resource status. Resource check efficiency has improved several times, precise forecast and expansion are performed, and resources are ready in advance, shortening the TTM to just minutes.