Premium OTN Private Line

Premium OTN Private Line

Based on the NCE (Transport Domain) intelligent management and control platform, the Premium OTN Private Line solution builds intelligent optical networks centered on transport devices, helping carriers realize pipe-based monetization and accelerate business monetization. This solution resolves the following customer pain points: Homogeneous competition in the VIP private line market is fiercely increasing, and the price war is continuously lowering carriers' profit margins.

Compared with OTT vendors, carriers are less competitive in the flexible provisioning and on-demand services of private lines. They cannot fully leverage their advantages in network connection, and their private line market space is continuously being compressed.

The NCE (Transport Domain) Premium OTN Private Line solution provides carriers with high-quality private lines featuring ultra-low latency, ultra-high reliability, on-demand bandwidth, fast provisioning, and self-service, bringing superior private line experience to government and enterprise customers and enabling carriers' business success.

Use Cases

OTN Resource Analysis

With optical network resource assurance, NCE centrally manages and analyzes live network resource data, as well as planning and design data, enabling unified visualization, analysis and forecast, as well as the online capacity expansion planning of network resources. This feature visually displays resource usage in real time, identifies network resource bottlenecks, and accurately expands network capacity, ensuring resource availability for rapid service provisioning.

Unified and visualized resources: Live network data and planning data are intelligently combined and displayed, and resources can be quickly checked within minutes.

Resource forecast: The ARIMA model algorithm is used to forecast the resource requirements of the next one to three months with the accuracy of 90% for the entire network, ensuring resource availability at any time while avoiding wasted investment due to overstocking.

Online capacity expansion: The online planning capability, specifically designed for capacity expansion, enables batch application and automated configuration of planning data, achieving service provisioning within minutes.

Latency Map

Customers from industries such as finance are willing to pay more for private lines with less latency. However, carriers' sales personnel have to repeatedly confirm these requirements with the network construction and design department, and O&M personnel lack effective methods for monitoring and guaranteeing latency. In addition, carriers lack effective methods for learning the specific latency of private lines and its impact on production. NCE is able to overcome these issues by providing E2E visualization, selection, and monitoring of service latency. Based on NCE's latency map and estimation capability, marketing personnel can quickly obtain latency and bandwidth information between sites, or source and sink nodes. Furthermore, O&M personnel can leverage the latency-based route calculation capability to provision private lines with guaranteed latency, as well as monitor private line latency and threshold-crossing alarms in real time, eliminating default risks.

Key Service Assurance

To improve the satisfaction and experience of private line users, NCE provides Key Event Assurance (KEA) to help carriers identify and diagnose faults on key services as early as possible. It can centrally monitor the status of key services to identify service risks; replay faults according to time; create and manage one-time, periodic, and permanent monitoring tasks; as well as manage service connectivity status and key alarm indicators.