iMaster NCE-WAN

iMaster NCE-WAN

With the cloudification of enterprise IT architectures and the pervasive use of public cloud services, more enterprises are migrating their key applications to the cloud, and enterprise branches are increasingly interconnected across WANs and access to the Internet. As a result, enterprises are being forced to find ways to reduce the cost of traditional private lines brought by sharp increases in WAN traffic and to improve application experience.

iMaster NCE-WAN is an autonomous driving network management and control system for enterprise branch networks. It provides centralized management, fast service provisioning, application-based experience optimization, and visualized O&M capabilities to offer cloud-based private line management services for enterprises, reducing OPEX of enterprises and accelerating service cloudification and digital transformation.

Key Features

Fast Service Provisioning

  • Provides multiple WAN link access modes and orchestration of 20+ networks to meet networking requirements of various industries, such as finance, carrier to business, and large enterprises, as well as provides multiple deployment modes to help customers deploy devices in minutes.
  • Offers template-based service configuration and policy delivery, improving service deployment and O&M efficiency.
  • Uses northbound RESTful APIs to connect to the customer's orchestrator platform for unified service management.

    Application-based Experience Optimization

  • Provides application-based intelligent traffic steering and applies multiple traffic steering policies based on dimensions such as bandwidth usage and link quality, improving link usage and application experience quality.
  • Leverages WAN optimization technologies, such as FEC, to ensure video quality and smooth video conferences even at a 20% packet loss rate on the underlay network.
  • Helps carriers build multi-POP networks and provides high-quality private lines, utilizing carriers' advantages and increasing customer loyalty.

    Visualized O&M and Monitoring

  • Provides an integrated O&M and monitoring GUI, extensive topologies, and 45+ types of reports, helping O&M personnel gain insights into networks and improving O&M efficiency and service experience.
  • Monitors networks based on the GIS map, and gives real-time visibility into applications, links, sites, and networks.
  • Supports automated network inspection and email-based precise alarm notification, helping users learn about the live network status in a timely manner.