PON Private Line Solution

Business PON Solution

Small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) customers are high-value customers of operators, taking up to 50% of the revenue and increasing year by year. Their service requirements are similar to those of home broadband users. They care more on cost-effectiveness, fast service provisioning, secure enterprise branch interconnection, flexible cloudification, and high-bandwidth commercial broadband or Internet private line services. Therefore, home broadband coverage resources can be reused to implement fast SME access and bandwidth acceleration. Based on the existing FTTx access networks, the Huawei commercial passive optical network (PON) solution makes full use of existing fiber resources to bear multiple services over a symmetrical gigabit broadband, building quality access networks.

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Customer Value
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    One Fiber for Multiple Services

    Unified access for multiple service with easier maintenance to address the uncertainty of private line services

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    High Quality & High Bandwidth

    Providing network slicing and multi-purpose network, while supporting smooth service evolution, highly reliable network protection and differentiated service assurance

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    Quick Provisioning

    Using existing FTTH fibers to quickly provision private line services and realize on-demand lossless bandwidth adjustment

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    Cloud + Network + X

    upporting VxLAN, one hop to the cloud, Cloud X service, and IPSEC VPN, realizing secure enterprise branch connection tunnels and providing one-stop cloud network services for SMEs


  • OptiXstar B850/B650

    Huawei OptiXstar B850/B650 series products are gateway-type optical network units (ONUs) designed for enterprise users.

  • OptiXstar B610

    The Huawei OptiXstar B610 is an optical network unit (ONU) designed for enterprise campus and video backhaul scenarios.

  • SmartAX MA5821S/MA5822S

    The Huawei SmartAX MA5821S/MA5822S are high-density campus access products mainly used in Fiber To The Building and Fiber To The Curb construction scenarios to provide voice (MA5822S), data, and multicast service access for campus users.